Reeder holds annual pancake feed

The Reeder Fire Department hosted a pancake feed this weekend at the Dakota Prairie Enrichment Center in Reeder.

Frank Turner

The annual pancake, eggs and sausage breakfast was a freewill donation, and all proceeds from the event went to the fire department and first responders in Reeder.
Overall, former fire chief Bruce Hagan said the pancake feed was a successful event, and over 180 people attended.
“I think we have been doing this event for over 20 years. A lot of times people feel like this event is part of their yearly donation and they are pretty generous to us,” said Hagan
According to Hagan, proceeds from the event are going to help the department purchase equipment for firemen and first responders. The money gained from the event will be put to buying better and more updated machines and gear.
“This year we purchased boots for the firemen, so that’s one of the things we are using the funds for. Also, we are using it to update equipment for our first responders.”
The Reeder Fire Department covers a considerable area. The Reeder fire district serves many more communities than just Reeder.
“We go into Bowman County quite a ways. That’s the west edge of our fire district,” said Hagan, “The east edge approximately goes all the way to Bucyrus. Our fire district also covers the land all the way to the north county line and then all the way to the South Dakota/North Dakota state line to the south.”
Hagan said that he was glad to see so many people from the surrounding communities show up to the event. For Hagan, providing a place for community members to meet and greet is what makes the event worth it.
“To get over 100 people in our little area is a pretty good accomplishment, and people are pretty good about showing up for the Reeder Fire Department,” said Hagan. “If people need us and make the call, we are happy to go help them.”