Boy Scouts collect over 340 pounds of food for Food Pantry

The Boy Scouts let people participate in the community straight from the comfort of their own homes this week. On March 23rd, the local Boy Scouts troop conducted a community food drive for the local Hettinger food pantry.

Frank Turner

Overall, the Boy Scout Troop collected over 340 pounds of food for the Hettinger Food Pantry. According to Troop Master Chris Schauer, the Boy Scout’s drive was conducted during a time when food pantries around the nation are in critical need for food.
To help the pantry, people were encouraged to leave food they intended to donate in a bag on their front door for it to be picked up. On the morning of March 23rd, the Boy Scouts picked up the donated food.
According to Schauer, the food drive, Scouting for Food, has been a long-standing tradition for the Boy Scouts of America and the drive is conducted nation-wide.
“We have done this annually for probably at least 20 years,” said Schauer.
He said that the troop had a great time participating in the event. Because the Boy Scouts collected donations straight from people’s doorsteps, the drive was incredibly accessible for everyone.
“It’s an excellent way to participate in the community without even having to be home,” said Schauer.
Alternatively, people were also able to donate non-perishable food items at Gate City Bank. According to Schauer, the Boy Scouts had a box in Gate City Bank where people could leave their donations.
Schauer said that for the Boy Scouts, the event was about helping the community and participating at the local level.
“…We were not asking for money. We were not asking for anything for the Boy Scouts. The event was about true volunteerism and showing that the Boy Scouts can help the community and those in need…”