Student Directors take on Helping Hettinger Day

For Hettinger Chamber of Commerce and Adams County Development Corporation Executive Director Jasmin Fosheim, the melting weather is a sign to start preparing for Helping Hettinger Day, an upcoming Hettinger Chamber event.

Frank Turner

   Fosheim has already recruited two go-getting, local high school student directors, Miami Pekas and Elizabeth Urwiller, to assist in making Helping Hettinger Day as successful as last year.
“The student directors this year have already blown my mind at how innovative and excited they have been about the position,” said Fosheim.
According to Fosheim, the student directors will be committee members who will take charge of the marketing efforts for the event. Urwiller and Pekas have already put forward the idea to survey Hettinger Public School students and see what projects younger people would like to see accomplished on Helping Hettinger Day.
“They will be on SnapChat. They will be on TTO. They will write newspaper articles. They will record and write radio ads and help us engage the student population,” said Fosheim.
Fosheim created the student director positions as a way to provide opportunities for Hettinger youth. She hopes that as event approaches, Pekas and Urwiller will gain experience in marketing, event planning, and leading meetings.
Fosheim said that she attributes a lot of her success as executive director to her high school involvement and experience in helping plan similar events.
“Growing up, I had those opportunities, and making those available to youth in the community is really important to me.”
Both Urwiller and Pekas are excited about their involvement in Helping Hettinger Day.
Urwiller said that she is looking forward to making Hettinger look more homely. One point of interest for Urwiller was the bowling alley.
“I hope that we get a chance to paint the bowling alley. It would be great to spruce it up,” said Urwiller. “We are also excited to ask businesses what projects they want accomplished on that day.”
Pekas and Urwiller both said that Helping Hettinger Day isn’t just about putting an extra coat of paint on a building. For Pekas and Urwiller, Helping Hettinger Day is about a community coming together for an experience.
“I’m excited to help make Helping Hettinger Day a positive experience for people of all ages,” said Pekas.
Together, the student directors are working toward the common goal of making Helping Hettinger Day a day of community engagement.
“I’m personally excited to meet more people. I think making connections is super important for your future,” said Urwiller, “My biggest excitement for Helping Hettinger is meeting as many people as I can and getting more connected with the community.”
Helping Hettinger Day is set for May 19th. According to Fosheim, the Helping Hettinger Day planning committee is still accepting project suggestions. Fosheim said that projects can be anything big or small as long as that project improves Hettinger. Fosheim suggested projects such as house work and lawn-care for individuals who need the help and improvements to community buildings or businesses.
“So far, we have a list of about a dozen or so projects that we are looking into, but now is the time that we are really trying to find more.”
Those who are looking for more information about Helping Hettinger Day or want to contact Fosheim to suggest a project can call the Community Promotion’s Office at 701-567-2531.