New sign highlights Reeder history

Frank Turner

Adams County history is now on display in downtown Reeder. The Prairie Pioneers Senior Center in Reeder recently spruced up their building with a new sign from the One Stop Sign Shop in Bowman.
The shop used an old photo taken during the early days of Adams County in 1908 to make the sign for the senior center. The new sign shows some of the first Reeder citizens outside of the V.E Hungerford Sale Barn and an early gas station.

According to Prairie Pioneers member Donna Olson, the senior center was built in the 1970’s, and it has served as a gathering place for the Reeder community ever since.

Just last Friday, roughly 15 Prairie Pioneers members gathered to drink coffee and chat.

“I call this group the movers and shakers of Reeder because we are the ones who get stuff done,” said Prairie Pioneers member Sandra Erdman as she poured herself a cup of coffee. “Sitting around the table are members from the city council, church board, and DPEC.”

Over the years, the senior center has improved slowly but surely. The new sign is just a small part of the many recent renovations to the building.

Olson said that for the past three years, the senior center has seen major improvements, such as new windows, new furniture, and even renovated handicap accessible bathrooms.

The Prairie Pioneer members were very thankful to the organizations that helped fund and support the senior center’s major improvements. Olson said that, over the years, the senior center has received funds from the Reeder Lions Club, the Clothes Closet, and even sales tax grants from Dickinson and Hettinger.

The senior center also receives funds from Prairie Pioneer members who pay a membership fee.

“We also have dues and those get pretty expensive,” joked a Prairie Pioneer member. “Five dollars a year.”

Even though the changes may seem small, the Prairie Pioneers were very grateful for the improvements.

“There was a big ol’ water pipe sticking out in one our bathrooms, and I was scared to death that someone was going to get a toe in that pipe and do a header into the wall,” laughed Erdman. “We are proud of the handicap bathrooms. They were very needed.”

Looking forward, Prairie Pioneer members look to continually improve the senior center. Their future goals are to possibly replace the carpet and maybe even install new curtains.

“Just something small every year,” said Olson.

Reeder has invested its resources to creating and improving its welcoming community centers. The new sign just goes to show how much people from Reeder value their community.

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