Owen James Jackson Jr.


26 April 1947-09 March 2019

Owen Jackson passed away suddenly due to heart failure Saturday, March 09, 2019 in Hettinger, N.D. He had lived in Hettinger for approximately ten years and was enjoying his retirement when he passed away.

Owen was born in Pennsylvania in April of 1947. Owen had many careers in his life, most of which were things that are read about in books or seen in movies. He was an aircraft mechanic, underwater welder, an over-the-road trucker, and a nurse, just to name a few. The one job that he was proud of the most though was being a United States Marine, he served with great pride in the Marine Corps and was a decorated Viet Nam War veteran. Owen loved to travel and to be outside and alone with nature. It made perfect sense to Owen to just wake up one day, pack his beloved Toyota truck, and head to Canada, Alaska, or anywhere else that caught his attention. As a nurse he mainly worked for temporary traveling nursing agencies which allowed him to see many majestic places from the desert southwest to prairies of the Great Plains. Owen would “disappear” only to magically “reappear” weeks or months later unannounced but always welcome and willing to share his stories of what he had seen. Owen liked to share gifts that he purchased along the way and had a special attraction to Native American turquoise and sterling silver.

In retirement Owen was fortunate enough to own a small piece of mountain property in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He would spend many days there, alone with his thoughts and beloved Toyota. He would also sit there with friends and family and reflect on how fortunate he was to have his own little piece of wilderness.

Owen loved to help others more than he was willing to help himself. This would be true even to the day that he passed away. Owen was an organ and tissue donor and wished to pass on the gift of life to others in need. Even though his passing was sudden and tragic there are others out there who have benefited greatly from his selfless act of being a donor. That was just the way he was.

Special thanks are given to the residents of Hettinger who attempted CPR, the emergency responders who tried to keep Owen going, and to the staff at the hospital who tried so hard to bring Owen back. Owen’s family finds peace in knowing that so many people tried so hard to keep him here. It was just his time to go.

Owen is survived by his sister, Susan Novoselski, her husband Don, and thei daughter Victoria who reside in Colorado. He is also survived by his “adopted” family Randy and Vivian Raasch of Hettinger, ND, their daughters Jennifer (Raasch) Majerus in Indiana and Jessica Raasch in Virginia, and son Cpl Zackary Raasch of Ft. Lewis Washington. A Spring-time burial on Owen’s property is being planned.