Facs: Table Runner

The Family and Consumer Sciences I class, consisting of Tatum Fitch and Ty Michels were given the opportunity to pick out seven colors to make a personalized table runner.

By Tatum Fitch and Ty Michels

We started the project in the beginning of October 2018 and ended this long project March 17th, 2019.   This was a fun, but long project. First, we picked out our seven corresponding colors, we then cut the material into 1.5 inch strips.   After we had our strips, we laid out our strips in a pattern that suited us the most. We then started the construction part.  The first step was to create a triangle that would be our starter of the sewing project. We were able to then start the beginning of the sewing process. We had to place the strips in a zig-zag pattern. After that, we then placed the “right side” of the strip (which is the main design of your material) on top of the material you just sewed. Then you did the same process for 70 more strips. 

After that was all complete, we then put a batting on the back of the finished strips and used one of the materials that we used for the strips for the backing of the table runner. We quilted the three layers together by sewed ½ lines the entire length.  Finally, we put a binding around the table runner to finish the reversible runner.   

This project taught us a lot of patient and dedication. We mastered the threading and changing bobbins, ss well as knowing the parts of the sewing machine. We both learned about the different types of machines and how the newer machines help people that have a disability to help them sew more independently. We learned that this is a great project for both beginners and advance sewers.