Grand River Roundup

Grand River Roundup
Betty Olson 

It seemed like an April Fools’ joke when it snowed again leaving 5 inches on the ground Monday morning. Just under an inch fell on Tuesday morning, but both snows melted off before noon because the weather has really warmed up. The two snows left .26 hundredths in the rain gauge after they melted down and the little sprinkle of rain early Sunday morning gave us another .03 hundredths of moisture. There are still a lot of snowdrifts around, but they are slowly starting to melt. 

  While it was still dark early Tuesday morning we could hear a cow bawling like she was fighting her calf, so Reub got on the side-by-side and went over to the calving shed to check on her. The calf had gotten behind a gate where his mother couldn’t get at him and Reub got the mad cow into another pen before he came back home. He told Taz about her before Taz went over to check on things after it got daylight and she was still on the fight. She knocked Taz down twice, but never broke any bones. The next day another cow had a calf that drowned in a water hole, so the guys gave her the mad cow’s calf and the mad cow is now in the selling pen. 

  Scott and Cassie Moen came to the Lenten service and supper Wednesday evening and a good crowd showed up to meet them. Cassie is the daughter of Alice and Earl Maier from Faith. Cassie and Kami Jenson went to school together in Faith and are really good friends, so Kami took off work early so she could come see them. 

  The weather was beautiful on Thursday when Loren Opstedahl’s crew came to shear the sheep. They are a fun bunch to have around. Dana Thompson’s son Rowdy is shearing with them this year. He graduated from high school and decided that shearing sheep was a lot more profitable than going to college. Rowdy’s uncle, Joe Baker, has been shearing with the crew for several years and he got Rowdy started shearing while he was still in school. Those Thompson kids are really fun to visit with! Rowdy’s sister was bagging wool with them last year, but wasn’t there this year because she has a job in Rapid City. Sage and his four kids and Louise Jenson all came to help with the shearing. Reub and I had be in Buffalo at 1:30 that afternoon for the school land auction because he had to bid on the school land at the Horse Creek Grazing Association. It sold early, so we were able to make it home in time to helping with the shearing. 

  Bryce got hired to teach at the middle school in Torrington, Wyoming next year and one of the classes is an indoor gardening class. I’ve got six gardening books and a seed catalog to give her. This Friday my sister Judy sent her husband up with an AeroGarden indoor gardening starter set to give to Bryce when she comes home for Easter. Bryce loves to garden and she’s going to have fun with all this stuff!      

  Nolan Sexton of Bison, passed away on Friday, April 5, the day after his 80th birthday at Five Counties Nursing Home in Lemmon. There will be graveside services at 1:00 p.m. next Monday, at the Chance Cemetery south of Meadow where he will buried next to his wife, Delores, who passed away in February.  Pastor Harold Delbridge will officiate. Nolan’s family has our sympathy.   

  A lot of area women gathered in Hettinger this Saturday to watch Priscilla Shirer’s Christian ministry “Going Beyond” simulcast at the Hettinger Armory. Priscilla’s brother, Anthony Evans, was the gospel singer on the simulcast. They are the children of inspirational speaker Dr. Tony Evans. Susan and Lindsay Wilkin did a wonderful job leading the worship singing and Etta Knuth and Erin Stadheim organized the simulcast and made the announcements. It was a wonderful day and if you haven’t been to one of her simulcasts, they will have it again in Hettinger next year. 

  Sunday evening we went to see Bart Damjanovich at the Coffeehouse at the Lions Civic Center in Buffalo. He entertained us with singing and playing his guitar, fiddle, and mandolin. I haven’t heard anyone play the mandolin that well since my uncle, Harold Wilkinson, used to play it when I was a little kid. That’s my favorite instrument to listen to. 

  Have you got your taxes done? April 15th is the dreaded income tax day when the government takes our hard-earned money away from us. I’ll leave you with this Taxpayers Lament:       

  Tax his cow, Tax his goat; 

Tax his pants, Tax his coat; 

Tax his crop, Tax his work; 

Tax his ties, Tax his shirt; 

  Tax his chew, Tax his smoke; 

Teach him taxing is no joke. 

Tax his tractor, Tax his mule; 

Tell him, Taxing is the rule. 

  Tax his oil, Tax his gas, 

Tax his notes, Tax his cash; 

Tax him good and let him know, 

That after taxes, he has no dough. 

  If he hollers, Tax him more; 

Tax him till he’s good and sore. 

Tax his coffin, Tax his grave, 

Tax his sod in which he’s laid. 

  Put these words upon his tomb, 

“Taxes drove him to his doom.” 

After he’s gone, we won’t relax, 

We’ll still collect inheritance tax.