Local Bank helps Hettinger get tech savvy

Personal Banker Molly Wolf shows people Dacotah Bank’s mobile banking options that are available on a cell phone. Photo by Frank Turner

Local businesses are starting to adapt to people spending more and more time on the Internet. Businesses are always looking for more ways to improve, and the next frontier of efficiency is through new technology.   

Frank Turner

Although new technologies can save time, cost, and resources, not everyone knows how to utilize them to their full extent. More often than not, Millennials can navigate a cell phone with ease while older generations can struggle.  

When it comes to technology, Dacotah Bank is just one example of a local business that is working to even the playing field. Last week, Dacotah Bank held a Mobile and Online Banking Social to equip everyone with the knowledge of how to use all the online resources that are available. 

“You don’t have to be a part of the Dacotah Bank ecosystem to learn more about how online banking benefits you,” said Dacotah Bank Market Retail Leader John Hausauer, “None of it is necessarily Dacotah Bank centric or exclusive.” 

The bank offered coffee and cookies to anyone that was willing to attend the social to learn about different apps and methods of banking.  

“All technology has the goal of making your life simpler and easier,” said Hausauer, “Once you get used to it, you may find that you save a lot of time.” 

According to Hausauer, Dacotah Bank’s goal during the seminar was just to make the experience of banking easier for anyone. He said that the benefits of technology really outweigh the negatives. 

“All of these technologies allow you to operate outside of business hours, limit your exposure to fraud, and make your life easier.”
At the technology social, the bank highlighted different available apps. One app allows people to safely transfer money from person to person. Another app enables users to disable their credit cards from their phone if they lose a card or are not using them. Lastly they showcased an app that allows people to pay at the store using just your phone.  

Processing payments digitally is less expensive to process for both the bank and individual,” Hausauer explained, “If you were going to mail a check, for example, you are spending money on a check. You are spending money on postage. You also have the chance of the check getting lost in the mail…” 

According to Hausauer, banks don’t necessarily make profit from the bank’s apps, but it does streamline the process. The technology available at each bank just increases efficiency for everyone and creates a better user experience 

“If you are interested or curious about some of the mobile offerings available out there, don’t hesitate to call your local banker,” said Hausauer, “Whether it’s us at Dacotah bank or any of the other local institutions, they are all passionate about these technologies and seeing you use them.” 



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