Prom 2019 – A Well-Kept Secret

Think about the number 2019 and then reverse it (basically), and you will get 1920.  Next, apply that number to an idea and you will get the overall theme of this year’s prom.  

Jeri Dunn
Head Advisor

The junior class spent many months fundraising and preparing for the event.  Thank you to all who helped—especially with the baseball concessions and with the food booth, because your combined efforts helped our students to make the money needed for a beautiful prom, whose theme is “Golden Age Glamour.” 

This year we will begin decorating on Thursday night with the opening of all the shipping boxes, organizing the décor, and hanging wires.  On Friday the juniors spend the entire day, preparing the gymnasium into a 1920’s big band ballroom!  On Saturday evening, beginning at 5:00 p.m., the Methodist Church is preparing a free prom dinner for all the couples to attend and enjoy as the much-appreciated church committee spoils them with a fancy and fulfilling meal.  

Then, many of the sophomores, juniors, and seniors—with their dates—may choose to have their photos taken by Janel Johnson Photography, including group photos with the actual prom backgrounds.  Finally, beginning at 7:30 p.m. the juniors will present their glamorous setting to the public who will await the grand march, set for 8:00.  (The east gymnasium doors do not open until 7:30, and prom audience members will have to cross the gravel to enter.  We do not open the doors early because of the photography equipment needed for the group session.) 

The audience will sit in the bleachers on the north side or in chairs on the east side, walk in to see an a gold and black luxurious backdrop–complete with a deluxe cloth canopy, parquet ‘marble’ flooring, a four-foot gem-like chandelier and Edison lights,  six and one-half foot columns, and a ten-foot tall illuminated band shell with a golden cloth stage setting and band member silhouettes—all in the art deco design made famous by the era including The Great Gatsby. 

During the Grand March, Brock White Entertainment (in his deejay capacity) will be providing the music and the fun.  Then, audience members will leave the campus so that the prom-goers may enjoy their dance until midnight.  Lastly, the junior parents are providing all students in grades 9 – 12 the opportunity to have a blast at their after prom party which is mostly a casino-style celebration with games, food, and more camaraderie and will be located at the armory. 

If you want to see a spectacular event, plan on attending this year’s prom.  The volleyball team may be using some of the decorations for their upcoming fundraiser, too—the ‘daddy-daughter dance.’