Kyle Burwick wins State NDIAAA Scholarship

The North Dakota Interscholastic Activities Administrators Association (NDIAAA) is the professional organization for all Athletic/Activities Administrators in the State of North Dakota. The NDIAAA works for the betterment of all Athletic/Activities Administrators and the student-athletes they represent.
Every year the NDIAAA, in conjunction with the National Interscholastic Activities Administrators Association (NIAAA) and Farmers Union Insurance, sponsors a scholarship to one boy and one girl in the State of North Dakota. Recipients go through a rigorous screening process and must first be picked as a nominee from their region of the State. The Southwest Region of North Dakota nominated Kyle Burwick as their representative to be eligible for this scholarship. Burwick was informed on March 3 he would represent the southwest corner of North Dakota for this prestigious scholarship.
After his nomination, Burwick went up against five other male recipients from across the State in a screening process to be awarded the NDIAAA Student Scholarship. On April 2 he was informed by LorellJungling, the Executive Director of the NDIAAA, that he was the male recipient of the 2019 NDIAAA Student Scholarship. For winning this scholarship Burwick was awarded $1,000 to the college of his choice.
This was the first step in a three-tier process. Next, as the winner of the NDIAAA scholarship, Burwick will compete against the male award winners from the States of South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Only one of those six finalists will be awarded the NIAAA Sectional Student Scholarship. The Sectional Scholarship award is a $1,500 scholarship to the college of the recipient’s choice. The winner of the Sectional Scholarship Award will then compete at the National level against the winners of the different NIAAA Sectional scholarship awardees. The recipient of the NIAAA National Scholarship will then receive a scholarship of $2,500.
Burwick was nominated by his Athletic Director and had to meet strict criteria to be selected. The criteria for selection is to maintain a B+ average, be in the top 25% of their class, score a minimum 24 on the ACT exam, participate in at least two sports every year of high school, and letter in at least two sports every year of high school, write an essay on how athletics has impacted their lives, and have a letter of recommendation from the school’s Athletic Director.
In an interview after he was notified of receiving this scholarship Burwick said “receiving this prestigious scholarship signifies all the hard work and all the years of focusing on not only my athletics, but also my academics, has paid off.”
Burwick will receive his scholarship, and award, at and NDHSAA-sponsored Spring tournament.