Easter FUNDAY comes to Main Street

Hundreds of kids lined downtown Hettinger this week for a chance to collect Easter eggs, toys, and even children’s books. With permission from the city of Hettinger and the local Sheriff’s Department, the entirety of Main Street was blocked off to traffic and turned into a scavenger field of Easter eggs. 

Frank Turner

 Unlike most other events in town, these days the egg hunt isn’t run by a large organization or event-planning club. In the past, the Easter egg hunt was started by the Hettinger Women of Today, which has since disbanded.
Instead, for the past four years, the celebrated egg hunt has been organized and executed by a group of super moms. Thanks to involvement from Carrie Ranum, Brooke Kessel, Kyle Geaumont, Angie Hughes, Amber Wolff, and Katie Shahan, kids filled their baskets with fun and good times.
“It was spearheaded by Dr. Carrie Ranum,” said Katie Shahan. “She wanted an Easter egg hunt to continue in town, so she got a group of moms together and just did it.”
Shahan said that the egg hunt wouldn’t have been as successful without the support of local businesses and the other mothers who helped pull the event together.
Shahan continued saying that she was glad to have the hunt in downtown Hettinger this year because it helps support local business.
“In the past, the event has been at Mirror Lake Park, but we though it might be muddy, so instead we moved it to Main Street. Especially with the Main Street Initiative, we want to help connect people to our local businesses.”
The Easter egg hunt was a truly a large-scale event. According to Shahan, the town managed to gather over a thousand Easter eggs for kids to find during the hunt.
“They had big totes full of eggs,” laughed Shahan, “It got to the point where we couldn’t even hide them all. We just had to dump them out onto the street.”
High school volunteers were also involved in facilitating the event. The volunteer students helped hide Easter eggs, paint animals on kids’ faces with face paint, and give out temporary tattoos.
C&N Café, The Peacock Mercantile, Scuffy’s and T&B Brickfire got in on the holiday fun by hosting their own lunch specials.
After lunch, the Hettinger Theater hosted a free movie for the community. Families of all ages were able to gather at the movie theatre to watch Peter Rabbit for a complete Easter experience.
“The movie was really successful,” said Shahan. “Just about every seat was full.”
The Easter Bunny was also in attendance throughout the whole day. The bunny took photographs with the kids and made sure everyone was having a great time.
“When I heard Hettinger was having a great big Easter celebration, I was all ears,” said Mr. Bunny.
One of the Easter Bunny’s favorite moments from the day was when a girl gave him two drawings from her coloring book.
“I was just hoppy to see everyone smiling,” continued Mr. Bunny. “It was an egg-cellent day.”