RZ Motors enters new generation of Leadership

On April 5th, Ryan Jacobson took a major step forward and bought out his father Gregg Jacobson for RZ Motors INC. and became the full owner and CEO of his family’s business.

Frank Turner

 Jacobson said that RZ Motors is more than just a business, but instead a connection to his family and his community.
“My grandfather, Roland Zimmerman, had a huge influence on me growing up,” said Jacobson. “Sitting in his office still is kind of emotional and a good feeling at the same time. It’s always been my dream to one day fill his shoes and bring his company back to when he ran it.”
According to Jacobson, Roland Zimmerman was both an immense supporter of the Hettinger community and a great role model.
“He did great customer appreciation events. He would actually bring in bands and have parties and music in the back of the shop,” laughed Jacobson. “He actually held live auctions here where he would run vehicles through the shop. During the auctions he would have a bag of silver dollars, and every time someone bid, he would throw them a silver dollar. He was a great promoter of the community and had so many crazy ideas that people loved.”
Because of his grandfather, Ryan Jacobson takes his involvement in the community very seriously. Jacobson previously served on the Hettinger Chamber Board for 7 years and a member of the Hettinger Golf Association for three years.
“I’m finally fulfilling my grandfather’s legacy,” said Jacobson. “I’m invested in this community, and I care about this community.”
While many other businesses have come and gone from Hettinger since 1983, RZ Motors has stayed strong throughout the years. Jacobson attributed the company’s consistent success to the immense support from the Hettinger community. He said reciprocating the community’s support is what has kept RZ Motors going through times both good and bad.
“Being able to support everything that we can support, from the school to all the community events, has been RZ Motor’s number one accomplishment over the years.”
Like many other local businesses, RZ Motors has been a big contributor to more charitable events and causes than can be listed. Ryan said that being a contributor and supporter of over a dozen surrounding communities is something he and his staff are extremely proud of.
Jacobson maintained that, even with the change in ownership, RZ Motor’s support in the community will remain steadfast.
Jacobson continued saying that while RZ Motors will continue to acknowledge what has worked in the past, they are still excited for the future.
“I foresee us someday getting to the point where we are progressing to the highway. This building is from the 1940’s, so my goal is to update the facility eventually and get us to a better location.”
Jacobson said that in years to come, he is excited to make RZ Motors an even stronger business.
“Looking forward, RZ Motors has a bright future ahead. We have the best interests for the community and we will always do what we can to help not only Hettinger, but also its surrounding communities.”