Business Spotlight: BJ’s Paint & Body, LLC

If you find yourself in a fender bender situation, don’t worry. Auto body repair business BJ’s Paint & Body LLC has been working diligently in the Hettinger for years fixing vehicle scratches, dents, and scuffs.

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It all started in 1982 when BJ’s Paint & Body owner Bill Jahner started working on auto body projects in his backyard. Jahner’s experience in the auto body world started in Hettinger when he worked for D&K Auto Body.
“It was BJ’s Paint & Body, even in my backyard. I would fix a lot of windows for folks, repair a fender, paint a motorcycle,” said Jahner.
What started as a profitable backyard hobby quickly grew into a successful small business.
In 2013, Jahner left his longtime career as a car salesman at RZ Motors and started his own business.
“I was also a car salesman at RZ Motors for 14 years, but then I would come home from RZ Motors and go into my garage for all hours of the night,” said Jahner. “In my back garage I had a shop and then decided to go bigger.”
In 2014, Bill Jahner bought the business’s current location from his brother and set up shop.
“It’s been phenomenal since the day we opened the door,” said Jahner. “We’ve been swamped and I’ve had to hire more and more help. I’m very thankful to all my customers and the surrounding areas we do work for.”
When BJ’s Paint & Body started, the business only had two employees. Now, five years later, Bill Jahner employs five full-time employees and two part time employees.
“The business has grown… I just hired another guy here just two or three months ago.”
Jahner attributed his success to BJ’s Paint & Body taking care of his customers.
“It’s just a good business. We just try to take care of the customers. We don’t try and compete with other body shops; we literally just do our own thing.”
Jahner said that his biggest project to date was restoring a 1956 Cadillac. Although the auto body shop has the potential to mold its own replacement parts and bring classic cars back to life, Jahner said that his focus is on auto body repairs instead.
“We are trying to shy away from the restoration part of the job. It takes so much room to restore a car.”
BJ’s Paint & Body can fix collision damage, repaint vehicles, repair and replace windshields, and much more.
“We have our own paint mixing system, so we can mix absolutely any color that’s available… We also do quite a bit of metal work and metal bending.”
According to Jahner, BJ’s Paint & Body’s shop has been in full use lately.
“Last week we just finished a hail project from the last summer and we’ve got another one coming in the first of the month. People say, ‘god I bet you hope it hails.’ We don’t. We are busy without it.”
Jahner continued saying that every job that comes through the shop doors, big or small, is important to the business.
“Those are customer’s vehicles out there,” Jahner said, pointing to the shop. “Even though it’s a minor job for us to paint a mirror for you, it’s a big job because you need to get it fixed. That’s what it’s all about, getting customers fixed up.”

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  1. Ardell R. Stafne-Nelson

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    I am very impressed with Bill as a businessman and as a person and he has a heart of gold. In observation, each vehicle he repairs in shop is treated as though it were his own and he is pretty picky when it comes to his vehicles.. When I take my vehicles to him, I know I am getting quality work for my buck. He recently put a windshield in my pickup. I checked with him a couple weeks ago to see about replacing the windshield on my car, when he could squeak me into his busy schedule. Was no national emergency so suggested he call me when he gets a break in his itinerary. I have had several windshield put in my vehicles over the years and have never had a problem with any of them.

  2. I grew up with Bill Jahner, I’m proud to say he’s my brother. I just have to say that Bill has ALWAYS had a heart of gold and with that being said, he has always wanted those around him to be happy and I believe that is why his work is so awesome!!!

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