Grand River Roundup

This week was nice and warm until Wednesday, but it cooled off and froze toward the end of the week. There were a couple sprinkles of rain this week and a few snowflakes were on our deck Monday morning. 
Betty Olson
Guest Columnist
  Lyle Donner, 97, of Reeder, passed away Easter morning in The Village at Skyline Pines in Rapid City.
Lyle’s funeral was held in Reeder on Tuesday with burial with Military Honors in the Rosehill Cemetery at Reeder. His family has our sympathy.
  Casey went to Hettinger on Monday to get barley seed and Reub celebrated Earth Day by planting it to hopefully get a hay crop this year. He was pleased with the little showers that came after he had the seed in the ground.
  The skid steer broke down so Reub had to haul it up south of New England last week to get it fixed. They got it back in working order and he went up there to bring it home this week. That’s a pretty handy machine to have around.
  Sandy Bill Matson is doing pretty well at the VA in Ft Meade. He has been moved out of the hospital into the G Ward to finish healing. If you want to drop him a card, the address is 113
Comanche Rd, G Ward, Ft Meade, SD 57741 and the phone number is 605-720-7130.
  The Northwestern South Dakota Republican Lincoln Day dinner was in Lemmon Friday evening with a good crowd in attendance. Gov. Kristi Noem was the guest speaker and gave a very interesting talk about the bills passed to protect our state and counties from the people protesting the TransCanada pipeline like they did in North Dakota. Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg and PUC Commissioner Gary Hanson also came up from Pierre to join us. Sen. Ryan Maher and Rep. Sam Marty were there representing District 28 and I even got seated at the head table as the Republican Chair from Harding County. A lot of folks were there from Perkins and Corson counties. After the delicious roast beef supper, Eldon and Mary Jean Jensen were honored to receive the first ever N.F. “Red” Lyon Award for their service to the Republican Party. Congratulations to a very hard working couple!
  Saturday was the WMF Spring Rally at Slim Buttes Lutheran at Reva with the theme “Sing a New Song” taken from Psalm 96:1-3. Ladies attended from Faith, Eagle Butte, and Shiloh Lutheran in the Black Hills. Doris Pulscher gave devotions in the morning followed by guest speaker Christina Osthus from Eagle Butte. The offering went to support Christina’s ministry in Eagle Butte. The ladies from Faith entertained us with a skit and Laura Johnson and Linda Mohagen provided the music for the Singspiration before lunch. Linda Mohagen and five of her puppets entertained us with a very interesting Bible study that afternoon.
  Linda Otis brought her parents up from Belle Fourche for services at Slim Buttes Lutheran on Sunday morning. Bill and Verona Vroman haven’t been able to come to church with us since they moved to assisted living in Belle Fourche and it sure was great to be able to visit with them again. 
  Now that you’ve paid your income taxes, you might be interested in how the government is spending your money. Millions of aliens, drug smugglers, and human traffickers from many countries have illegally crossed our borders, which has created a terrible crisis on our southern border. Most of the illegals are living in this country on our tax money because the federal government is literally paying them to come here. 70% of them get on welfare and never get off of it. If you want to know how many illegals are living here and what they are costing us, get on the internet and check it out on, but don’t do it before you go to bed because you’re going to be so mad you won’t be able to sleep.
  This horrible misuse of our tax money really ticks me off. I’ve called the offices of Sen. Thune, Sen. Rounds and Rep. Johnson urging them to bring a bill that would make anyone applying for public assistance prove they are an American citizen before they are allowed to receive any welfare, and everyone who is on welfare now would have to prove citizenship before they can continue to receive public assistance of any kind. Please call your congress members and ask them to do the same, because the taxpayers shouldn’t have to finance any illegal activity!