Jaycees give back to the community

Playing Thursday night bingo in Hettinger is not only enjoyable for the people participating, but also beneficial for the entire community. At their last meeting, the non-profit Jaycees group donated a portion of their funds gained from events like bingo back to the community.

Frank Turner

Specifically, the Jaycees made contributions to the Hettinger Fire Department, the local HOSA chapter – Future Health Professionals, the Hettinger Mock Trial team, and Richard Wyman’s Flag Plaza project.
According to Jaycees member James Lindquist, the Jaycees take time at their meetings to listen to different groups’ causes and projects. After people give presentations on how their cause will benefit the community, the Jaycees decided how they will contribute.
“…We always ask how much the project will cost, how much have they fundraised, and how much [the group in question] is contributing,” said Lindquist.
According to Lindquist, the Jaycees contribute in more ways than just monetary donation.
This last meeting, the Hettinger Fire Department requested help for updating their SCBA equipment and funds for getting “goody bags” and souvenirs for kids during Fire Prevention Week and parades. The Jaycees offered their support by both donating and offering to do a joint fundraiser.
Lindquist continued, “The Jaycees said, ‘Hey, instead of trying to donate a lot of money, we would like to try doing fundraisers with you where we can provide the manpower or co-sponsor the events to help them get money.’”
The Jaycees also regularly donate to youth projects and causes in Hettinger. Just in their last meeting, the Jaycees donated to After Prom, local students involved in HOSA – Future Health Professionals, and the Hettinger Mock Trial Team. The Jaycees donated money to enable HOSA students to travel to Florida for healthcare events and the Mock Trial team to travel Athens, Georgia for their Nationals Mock Trial Competition.
Lindquist continued, “I think the Jaycees has been a group that, through fundraising and events, always gives back to the community.”