Hettinger Track and Field

Seth Folske
Student Report

Hettinger, ND track and field has been here for more than fifty-five years. The original track was built in the 1940s. Hettinger had many great athletes in the 1940s and track was a sporting event that Hettinger could not participate in because this town did not have a regulation size track and field. After a few years, the city of Hettinger decided they should build a track, but they were low on funds. The community gained the town’s support in fundraising for the track and field. When the town of Hettinger got the money to purchase the track, they started building it. The community has had the track for many years, but it has had very little work done on it but desperately needs it. The track needs to be rebuilt because the top layer is ruined by the trees growing so close to it on the East side. On the North side of the track there are some shot-put and discus rings, but they are really old and don’t have a toe board. The throwing rings don’t even have the metal ring around the cement slab for the throwers to walk in and out. 

Although we still use the track today, it would be greatly appreciated if it were to be rebuilt. The issues with the trees would have to be dealt with so we wouldn’t have the same problem. With the help of the community members, a fundraiser for a new track in Hettinger would be an option. Then maybe one day we could hold track meets here in our home town. By doing this it would draw more attention to Hettinger and would allow us to make some money for our community and school. Think about the bright future a new track would create for the kids because it is not about now, but what we erect for the future.