Looking Back at the Year: 2018-2019 Anthropology Edition

Christian Colgrove
Student Report

To be fair, our whole year as a class was not labeled “anthropology” but the classroom has been pretty linear in Mr. LeFebre’s room, nonetheless. Our class took a trip nearly every single Wednesday to hear a person tell their stories of growing up in Hettinger or the extraordinary hobbies that they have. Every single time our class took a trip to the museum here in Hettinger, we had a different experience. Whether the 40 minutes was spent learning about an airport or seeing a wind farm first hand, we always learned something new and never left the building without something to share.  

Some of the highlights that I remember personally (I don’t remember any specific names) include, old cars, the airport, baseball, the hospital, KNDC, the fire department, politics, and many others. The most important to me was Richard Wyman who told stories of his time serving in Vietnam. I got the opportunity to learn a lot about Richard and what his life has been like, as I interviewed him for a project. The experience of learning so much about a person that I never would have had outside of the interview was incredible. Though the experience may have been awkward for the both of us, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the stories he told and learning what everyday life was like for him when he was younger. Every person in my class could probably give a well detailed experience of what it was like to learn from someone who grew up in a different generation.  

I think overall, we learned a drastic amount of information we will be able to pass onto the future generations just as the people we learned from have done with us. Personally, I don’t regret taking the Anthropology/ ND Studies class at all. I learned a substantial amount of information about our community which I never would have had the opportunity to get elsewhere.