Helping Hettinger Day on the Horizon

* UPDATE: Due to inclement weather conditions, Helping Hettinger Day is officially postponed until June 30th.

Next weekend, on May 19, the community will be volunteering in the second annual Helping Hettinger Day. Already, a small group of volunteers have been helping prepare for the event.

Frank Turner

So far, one of Hettinger’s community buildings has been power washed and cleaned, all in preparation to be painted next week. The community benches are ready to be assembled and distributed across Main Street, and the crosswalks have their first coat of paint.
Even the end of Main Street has seen improvements with new metal letters saying, “Welcome to Hettinger, North Dakota.”
Helping Hettinger Day coordinator Jasmin Fosheim said that everything is ready to get a big makeover for the volunteering event.
Much like last year, the crosswalks will be repainted. Benches will be built and flowers will be planted for Main Street.
In addition to summer benches, flowers, and crosswalks, Fosheim said to expect many new projects this year.
“We have a whole plethora of projects going on,” said Fosheim. “It’s really exciting how groups have banded together and taken ownership of certain projects that they are passionate about. It’s really inspiring to see.”
Fosheim said she is excited to get work done on Hettinger’s community facilities, such as the Hettinger Armory, the old Movies ‘N’ More building, and the Hettinger Bowling Alley. By the end of the day on the 19th, she hopes the buildings will have a fresh coat of paint.
Mirror Lake will also be a focus for Helping Hettinger Day. With the help of volunteers, local 4H kids hope to complete their two Helping Hettinger Day projects of installing new trashcans and installing a 9-hole Frisbee golf course.
Local businesses are getting involved in Helping Hettinger Day as well. Many businesses have contributed resources and pledged their staff to be volunteers for the event.
The Peacock Mercantile is teaming up with the local Girl Scout troop and the Hettinger Fire Department to paint a mural on the back wall of the coffee shop.
“There are a lot of exciting projects going on,” said Fosheim, “There will also be a lot of work being done with the Beauty of Hettinger on all of the gorgeous lots that they care for. The Hettinger Fair Board and the Boy Scouts have a lot of updating that they will be doing at the fair grounds.”
Although there is a lot planned, Fosheim is worried about the weather cooperating for the event on the 19th. As of May 14, the weather forecasts a cloudy day with a small chance of rain.
“We need people to pull together with prayers, positive vibes, or whatever they’ve got to make sure that this weather works out for us,” Fosheim said with a laugh, “It’s difficult to have a plan B for an activity that requires so much outside work. We are just crossing our fingers to make sure we can have a successful Helping Hettinger Day on the 19th.”
Despite the weather woes, Fosheim said that she is still looking forward to a positive Helping Hettinger Day experience.
“Last year after Helping Hettinger Day, the energy that everyone felt stuck around. I’m not sure it ever fizzled out,” said Fosheim. “I’m hoping to renew that energy and keep that going longer and stronger.”