Spring Ag Academy

On April 30th at about 6:30 am Mrs. Schauer took, Cade Michaels, Katy Schauer, Sydney Ellingson, Savannah Hibbard, Kaden Schauer, Michelle Witt, Tatum Fitch Paris Ross and Patrick Schultz to Bismarck for the Spring Ag Academy at Bismarck State College Career Academy.

Michelle Witt
For the Record

After a jaunt across the country, we arrived for our first sessions where we are split into groups based on age. The different sessions included soil, weed identification, feeds and feedings, college options at Bismarck State College and field Scouting Techniques. Each session was presented by the professor who teaches that college class and the state FFA executive secretary. The day consisted of five breakout sessions, an advisor workshop and a tour of the Bismarck State College campus. In the Introduction to weed identification session, students learned some tricks about plant ID, including some of the new weeds for the agronomy winter CDE (Career Development Event). This session was instructed by Craig Kleven, the state FFA Executive Secretary. Next was field scouting techniques with Kenan Laydon. In this session students staged wheat and soybeans and took corn populations. Next was Soil Fundamentals with Marko Davinic, where we learned about soil types and microorganisms that live on the plant roots. Chuckie Heim taught about feed protein and rations for best animal health in Livestock. There was a presentation on Agriculture Technology and Natural Resources programs offered at Bismarck State College explained by Tyler Schau. These programs include a General Agriculture Degree, an Agriculture Industry and Technology Degree (Agronomy), two different areas of Farm and Ranch Management Degrees, one for the more business end and the other, operation management. There was also an advisor workshop during the student sessions. We enjoyed a great meal at the Mystic Market Place. In the afternoon was a tour of the Bismarck State College campus. It was a fun and educational day where we experienced a small touch of life of a college student at Bismarck State College.