Downtown Hettinger gets a welcomed addition

Tourists and visitors walking through downtown should feel a little more welcome in Hettinger thanks to the new addition to the end of Main Street.

Frank Turner

According to the Executive Director of the Hettinger Area Chamber of Commerce and the Adams County Development Corporation Jasmin Fosheim, the idea to put up new signs started over a year ago with the Marketing Hettinger Committee, a sub-committee of the Chamber of Commerce.
“The sign is part of an ongoing project to beautify our downtown and welcome people to our town,” she said.
According to Fosheim, she originally saw the project as a Helping Hettinger activity, however, the project took longer than expected due to keeping all of the work and production of the signs as local as possible.
“Right away the Stippichs stepped up and offered to donate some steel, which we were incredibly grateful for,” said Fosheim.
After finding funding to purchase the rest of the steel, the Marketing Hettinger Committee found someone to create the letters.
“We had to find out who locally, or as locally as possible, could fabricate steel letters for us,” explained Fosheim. “We ended up working with Berge Machine & Fabrication out of Lemmon and the business was phenomenal to work with.”
Once the letters were made, the committee had to find someone to powder coat the signs for durability.
“We wanted them to stand up to weather, look good, and not have to be repainted every year,” she said. “Mark Nelson, in town, does some powder coating as a hobby and he immediately stepped up and offered to powder coat those for us. He volunteered his time and we are forever grateful for that.”
Both Mike Marion and Mark Nelson figured a way to fasten the signs to the wall, and with the help of Randy Christensen, John Skartved, David Draves, and Chris and Kaden Schauer, they were able to install the signs earlier this month.
Fosheim hopes that the signs will be just one more reason for people to visit Hettinger and its small businesses.
“We are very thankful to everyone who made the signs a possibility,” said Fosheim. “It’s a beautiful addition to the town that shows that we are excited to show visitors everything that makes our town unique.”

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