Kyle Burwick, wrestling record

I had a chance to gather some information from Night Hawk Kyle Burwick who had an amazing high school wrestling record as he was a five-time state champ. 

Sheldon Christenson
For the record

He was also selected the 2019 Powerade ND Senior Wrestler of the Year, two-time Junior Freestyle Nationals All-American and Folkstyle Nationals All-American.  In addition he was named the NDIAAA State Male Scholarship Winner and the Dave Schultz Wrestling Hall of Fame Excellence Award Winner.  Along with being name class valedictorian this young man acquired quite a list of achievements.

Along with wrestling he also participated in football and baseball, having lettered in all three all four years.  He made the All Region Football First Team twice.  He prepared himself by working heavily on developing his mindset to have a mentality that is relentless, persistent, intelligent and strategic in attacking his goals. 

He was very inspired in his wrestling career by the likes of USA World Gold Medalist Kyle Dake, and his entire life by his father and Uncle Keith.  A quote by Muhammad Ali; “Suffer now, and live the rest of your life as a champion”, was advice that was embedded into his heart and soul.

When asked what was his funniest moment in sports he stated; “It was at a Regional Legion Baseball tournament in Shiloh my sophomore year.  I was a runner at first and had a decent lead, the pitcher threw a ball outside for ball three for a 3-1 count.  Unknowingly, I started trotting to second alerting the catcher to throw down to second base.  Me, with my quick wits and almost halfway to second, dove headfirst under the tag to be safe, only to hear my entire dugout hooting and hollering, wondering if I could count to the number 4!”

His biggest disappointment was at the 2016 UWW Cadet World Team Trials.  He stated; “I collected a 2-2 record in the tournament in Ohio, yet I feel like I did not wrestle to my full abilities.  The experience was a tough learning lesson, yet I DID learn from it and became better because of it.”

His plans after graduation from high school are to pursue a degree in History Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and wrestle for the Badgers at the NCAA Division I level.

He added his appreciation to all the Night Hawk fans and the Adams County Record for covering and following his action all these years.