Peacock Mercantile celebrates first birthday

For exactly one year, The Peacock Mercantile has been serving the community snacks, baked treats, and a whole lot coffee. The business celebrated the one-year milestone this weekend with a giant peacock themed cake.

Frank Turner

Business owner Pam Burch said that the original idea of the Peacock all started because she wanted Hettinger to have a unique coffee shop where people could hang out, relax, and work on their computer.

“I just wanted somewhere for Hettinger to go that was more upscale and would be a good meeting place and a fun hangout,” said Burch. “I came out of Spearfish where it was full of coffee shops… I wanted something for the community that they could enjoy and be proud of too.”

Before owning the Peacock Mercantile, Burch was a travel agent for 22 years. She dived into the café industry with little experience in the coffee realm. After 365 days of open doors, she said that the risk was worth it.

“I had no experience with coffee, other than that I liked to drink it,” said Burch. “It was a huge risk. But I decided that, you know what, you only live once, and I was going to make the biggest change of my life and enjoy every second of it.”

Local artist Martin Kloster sands the details into a homemade Styrofoam peacock for the birthday cake. Submitted Photo

Burch said that over the past year, she has really stuck with her original mission statement and vision of the Peacock Mercantile.

“When I feel like I’m getting lost or something isn’t quite right, I can always go back to that vision and mission statement as a roadmap,” said Burch.

The Peacock Mercantile has not only managed to attract locals in the area but also people from surrounding states. Tourists have stopped in to see the Peacock Mercantile from Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, and even across the country according to Burch.

“It’s pulling from all states,” said Burch. “They are ready for adventure. People will come if there is a reason to come. If you got something that’s worth seeing they will show up.”

Whether it’s High Tea or boutiques, moving forward Burch said that she wants to keep the Peacock Mercantile an event driven place.

The Peacock Mercantile has already taken steps to create more experiences for people. Recently, the Peacock Mercantile branched out into hosting live music and hosted a band from Lemmon, Eclectic Wreck.

Burch said that she plans to continue hosting live music and giving local people things to do throughout the week. Once the back room has finished its renovations, she hopes to branch out into activities like hosting clubs and meetings.

Whether its live music or hosting events, Burch said that the business’s biggest accomplishment over the past year has been providing people a comfortable environment where they walk in and out of the door with a smile.

“The biggest accomplishment is just seeing the happy customers,” said Burch. “People who are just thrilled and excited that there is something here, whether it’s a scheduled function like High Tea or just a place to go for lunch. Accomplishment to me is just seeing people enjoy it.”

As the business enters its next year, Burch explained that she is excited for the future of The Peacock Mercantile and that she will continue carrying out her mission statement: To inspire community members, one sip at a time, and to be a catalyst for positive change within their sphere of influence.