Spring Fling kicks off the spring season

Local band Dakota Routes plays live country music at the Spring Fling event.

The Adams County Fair Board ventured into the warm weather season with their annual Spring Fling on Friday, May 31st.

Frank Turner

Community members participated in Spring Fling event through a live pie and quilt auction while they dined on lamb, buffalo, beef, and even goat.  After the auction, people could sit back, relax, and listen to the band Dakota Routes play live music.

According to Fair Board President Chris Schauer, the Adams County Spring Fling event is designed to support the operations of the Fair Board. Funds that are raised go to the maintenance of the facilities and to help with the costs of the Adams County Fair.

Once the Fair Board’s new facility is finished, Schauer said that upcoming events like Spring Fling will help maintain operation costs the new fair complex.

Ed Verhulst is presented the Friends of the Fair award. (Submitted Photo)

Fair Board member Hannah Nordby was thankful to everyone who baked pies, cooked food, and made quilts for the event.

“We have great ladies that donate their time and resources. We are really appreciative of that”, she said.

Nordby said that the event gathered a lot of community support and ultimately was a great success.

“We estimated that we had around 195 people attend the event. A lot of people said that it was a really great turn turnout and we even had to set out extra tables. It definitely was a full house and we were happy with the turn out.”

Schauer attributed the event’s success to the growth of the 4H and FFA programs and activities in Adams County.

“The growth of 4H and FFA activities has grown the interest of the fair. If you have a shrinking FFA and 4H program, you are not going to have any families involved in the fair,” said Schauer. “At the end of the day, agriculture is what drives Hettinger”

He continued, “The growth that has happened over the last ten years in 4H and FFA has then worked its way into new families being aware and businesses seeing the fair as a place to put money because there are people actively involved.”

Schauer continued explaining that the community’s continuous support and interest in the fair has contributed to a fair that unique in the region.

“The things we have going on in our fair right now, I think every small town in North Dakota wishes they had,” he said. “We are one of the few that is expanding and growing.”

Overall, Schauer said that he was thankful for everyone who showed up to the event.

“We want to thank everyone who showed up to bid on the pies and the meat, regardless if they got one or not,” laughed Schauer. “And we want to thank everybody for showing up and supporting the Adams County Fair and the activities of our youth that we are there to support.”

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