Jason Lefebre, an interview

The 2018 season was the last season for Night Hawk head football coach Randy Burwick and assistant coach Larry Tibor. Burwick stepped down as the head coach but will still be handling the wrestling program while Tibor retired from teaching.

Sheldon Christenson
For the Record

Jason LeFebre was selected as the new head coach starting with the 2019 season. Last season the Night Hawks had ten seniors on the team roster but only four juniors, four sophomores and seven freshmen.
He is originally from Hettinger and is a graduate of Black Hills State University in 2012. He has been teaching at Hettinger for the past seven years and stated; “I have lived here all my life and felt the need to give back to what made me who I am.”
He feels his biggest challenge will be getting all the student-athletes who should be out for sports on the field and with their schoolmates. Most kids never even give sports like football a chance when it has the ability to challenge their character and integrity to grow as a person. Sports and being involved with a team of their peers will provide lasting life lessons and memories to carry on with them forever.
What he enjoys most about the position is being around the kids and the unique challenges within the game. He feels that Hettinger and Scranton have such great student-athletes that it makes the job that much more enjoyable. Being around their youthful enthusiasm and the culture they bring in every day adds to the enjoyment. The high school game of nine man football is a game of nine one-on-ones every down, so the challenge of coaching the guys to their spots brings great joy when you see the game plan executed correctly on the field.
When asked how he feels the team will do this season, he replied; “The sky is the limit for this group of 20 some dudes showing up every day. We have the guys who can make an impact in the game, and some younger kids who we hope to make the leap and be able to contribute. We know some of the traditional opponents who were in our region last year, but we travel across the Missouri to the East side of the state to play a whole new schedule in the latter part of the season. We will undoubtedly learn more about these teams as the season wears on, but it does bring an exciting new wrinkle into the fold.”
His goals on the team in the next 2-4 years are to keep getting kids to come out and play football. He added; “We have a great deal of youth on the team this year so the more we can get them in the off-season lifting program to put some size and strength on them the better. Our numbers have been dipping over the past few seasons, so keeping the guys involved and out for a sport is one of the main goals. The obvious goal is to advance to the playoffs every season and make some noise in October.”

He feels that the Night Hawks have just as good of a shot as any in Region 4. The region has lost some of the traditional juggernauts from past seasons and the new alignment brings a whole lot of tradition in from the other side of the state, so it seems to be wide open this year.
His assistants are Paul Jamison who teaches math at Hettinger and Andrew Burch who teaches Science in Scranton.
Good Luck Coach Lebefre.