Grand River Roundup

We got just over an inch and a half of much needed rain on Wednesday and Thursday and the weather really cooled off. Friday was the first day of summer and I had to wear a jacket when I was working outside because it was so chilly.

Betty Olson
Guest Columnist

The guys got the swather fixed so Reub started haying down south along the creek and over east of the highway. He didn’t even feel bad about the hay getting wet when it got rained on.
I called Gov. Noem’s office and GF&P Secretary Kelly Hepler on Monday to brag about the great job our trapper Bruce Bethea is doing. Not very long after I got off the phone, Bruce called to tell us that he and the state plane had just gotten another coyote and a coyote pup east of the highway that day!
Reub and I went to an auction sale in Belle Fourche on Wednesday. Reub stayed at the sale while I went to visit Bill and Verona Vroman at Judy’s Assisted Living. Bill had fallen and had a lot of bruises, but didn’t think he had broken any bones. His pain just kept getting worse so their son Mark took him back to the doctor and they found he had a broken hip. Bill had surgery on his hip this Saturday and now he’s doing pretty well. Verona is still having trouble with her swollen foot and they can both use your prayers.
Before visiting the Vromans, I went to see Belinda Christman at Belle Flowers to return a book she’d loaned me. I also had a short visit with Doug Cole at the Belle Fourche Beacon office and then stopped at the Tri-State Museum to look at the new exhibits.
It rained hard after we got home Wednesday evening, leaving .80 hundredths in the rain gauge. North of us Tony Holt got an inch and forty hundredths! Dorothy Holt had surgery in Bismarck this week and is doing well. She got out of the hospital and was able to come home on Saturday.
Camron Morman and Taz left for rodeos in Utah and Nevada early Thursday morning. Missy took Amanda to Rapid City to get a root canal that day while Grandma Starla Jenson kept the little people. The guys dug dirt away from the south wall of the shop to keep it from ruining the steel wall and then fixed the screen door on our deck that afternoon. Casey is a director on the predator board and he went to Belle Fourche Thursday evening for the annual meeting. We got another .76 hundredths of rain that night, enough that we had water in the basement the next morning.
Jeremy Stadheim went with Casey and Trig to the rodeo in Dupree Saturday morning and they got pretty muddy in the steer wrestling. After they got home and cleaned up, Casey and Missy went to Spearfish for Devan Koch’s wedding that evening while Trig drove to Sheridan, Wyoming for a friend’s wedding.
I went to Bison for Gala Days Saturday afternoon and stopped to visit Ken Amor before going downtown. Ken had found some interesting family history from my parents that he sent home with me. There were a couple boxes of WWII memorabilia that Dad had, including his dog tags, some of his medals, and a bracelet printed with “Naples 1944, Anzio Cassino Roma”. The other box was full of German and French currency, along with a bunch of Nazi medals with a booklet identifying the Nazi regalia.
He also found a copy of the marriage certificate for the wedding of my great grandparents in Dakota Territory in 1889. Andereas Schmidt married Caroline Wentz, both from Odessa in Yankton County, and the minister was from Scotland, Dakota Territory. Ken also found the marriage license of my grandparents Harvey and Lydia Wilkinson, who were married at Reva by John W. Todd in 1915. At that time Reva was located where Scott and Lori Besler live now. Lydia was the daughter of Andereas and Caroline Schmidt and both Harvey and Lydia were from Glendo, which is on the east side of our ranch. Harvey and his family ran the Glendo ranch store and post office and Lydia and her parents lived just south of the South Grand River.
We had a going away party for Margaretta Hanson at Slim Buttes Lutheran after church Sunday morning. She is moving to North Dakota to be closer to family. The congregation enjoyed a movie and homemade ice cream at the church that evening.
Sharon and Lester Longwood hosted a potluck supper and Bible study at their house Sunday evening. Reub and I joined the Longwoods, John and Corinne Erickson, Todd and Anna Buer, and Ruth Wiechmann for a fun evening of fellowship and music.
Next Thursday is Independence Day so I’ll leave you with this:
The Fourth of July was approaching, and Miss Pelham, the nursery school teacher, took the opportunity to tell her class about patriotism. “We live in a great country,” she announced. “One of the things we should be happy is that, in this country, we are all free.”
Trevor, who was a little boy in her class, came walking up to her from the back of the room. He stood with his hands on his hips and said loudly, “I’m not free. I’m four.”

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