North Dakota State Library Announces New Language Resource

The North Dakota State Library is pleased to announce that beginning July 1, it will offer the Mango Languages online language-learning system to the state of North Dakota.

Staff Report

Learning a new language with Mango Languages is made available at no charge to all North Dakota public library patrons. Mango provides an opportunity to learn over 60 languages, including Spanish, German, and Norwegian, along with courses for non-English speakers to learn English. Each course immerses users in real-world situations using native speaker audio and includes a voice comparison feature to help you nail the pitch perfect accent. Memory-building exercises strengthen critical thinking skills and empower you to break down words and sentences to build new phrases on your own.
We are excited to provide this resource to North Dakota,” says State Librarian Mary Soucie. “It will be an excellent tool for students as well as anyone interested in learning a new language. It dovetails nicely with the Seal of Biliteracy that will be available to students as announced recently by State Superintendent Baesler.”
Mango Languages and other Online Library Resources can be accessed through your local public library’s website or through the State Library website at Please contact the North Dakota State Library at 701-328-4622 or 1-800-472-2104 for more information regarding this exciting new resource!
The North Dakota State Library will stop subscribing to, effective June 30. We appreciate the partnership we’ve had with Tutor, but usage of the service has dropped in recent years. The State Library’s internal database committee performs an annual evaluation of each database, looking at usage statistics for the prior three years as well as a Return on Investment (ROI) for each database. We presented our recommendation on database changes to the North Dakota Coordinating Council who serves as our external database committee in May and they approved of the changes.

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