Grand River Roundup

It sure feels like summer around here with temperatures in the eighties and nineties.

Betty Olson
Guest Columnist

We got just over three inches of rain the week with a shower on Tuesday, a downpour Wednesday night, and a nice shower Sunday night. The runoff from the downpour turned Olson Creek into a lake bed, but didn’t wash away much of the hay we had down.
Amanda hosted the girls’ get-together at her house Tuesday evening while Grandma Missy kept the little people at her house. Sydney Turbiville brought little Ridley Allen with her so we got to see the new little man. What a cutie!
Hank and Jessica Taton’s two year old son Ty was badly hurt in a horse wreck on Tuesday and was airlifted from the hospital in Hettinger to Bismarck because the doctors were worried that he might have ruptured his spleen. Thankfully his spleen is okay, but he has four broken ribs and lots of bruises. They dismissed him from the hospital and let him come home. He’s doing really well and is just busy being a kid!
Trig went up to help Sage with a roofing on Jon Markegard’s house near Bucyrus on Wednesday. Lanie brought little Trace down from Dickinson to meet Trig at Bucyrus so Trace could stay with Grandma Missy for a few days to play with Copper. Reub and I made a parts run to Hettinger late that afternoon.
We headed back to Hettinger on Thursday for Reub’s appointment with Mary Eggebo. They really got rain up that way. Mary said they had three inches at their house and we heard reports of two inches and four inches, depending on where you lived in town. Mirror Lake was as full as we’ve seen it for a long time and all the streams were running bank full. Laura Johnson and I rode to Buffalo with Henry and Linda Mohagen Thursday evening for our EMT training with Collen Long.
Taz got home from rodeos in Utah, Nevada, and Colorado on Friday. His bulldogging buddy, Sterling “Gator” Lambert from Fallon, Nevada, came home with Taz to spend a few days here and they went to the rodeo in Dickinson that night. They will be headed back to Greeley, Colorado on July 3 when Taz is up in the short go and then they will go on to several PRCA rodeos all over the west. Casey and Trig were in the rodeo at Rhame on Saturday and then headed to the rodeo in Strasburg, ND, Lawrence Welk’s hometown on Sunday.
I took my brother-in-law, Ken Amor, to the Black Hills on Friday so he could bring home the new mobile home camper he’d just bought. He plans on taking it to Canada soon to spend about three weeks up there with his kids.
June and Sandy Hotchkiss served lunch and coffee after church at Slim Buttes Lutheran Sunday morning. We always eat so much that our noon meal at home is usually way after noon. The Beckman Memorial church in Prairie City hosted the community hymn sing Sunday evening with some wonderful music from several area churches. The hymn sing is held on the last Sunday of every month that has five Sundays and we all enjoy getting together for music and fellowship. Wade Hofer played his trumpet for us and with Independence Day coming, we sang a lot of patriotic songs.
Ken Amor found another box of family treasures that my mother had saved that he gave to me when I took him down to get his mobile home. I sorted through the pictures and papers and made a pile of treasures for each family. I gave the things pertaining to their family to my relatives Lois Eggebo, Elaine Bingaman, and Roxie Seaman at the hymn sing Sunday evening and brought a picture of Gudman and Helen Aukland’s family to Joyce Aukland for her husband Leslie. I also gave some of our Mayflower history to Patsy Wilkinson and Jill Hotchkiss Sunday morning.
This Thursday is the 4th of July so I’ll leave you with these questions:
Q: Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
A: On the bottom.
Q: What did the flag say to the pole?
A: Nothing, it just waved.
Q: What did Polly the parrot want for the 4th of July?
A: A fire cracker.
Hope you all have a bang-up 4th of July!

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