Over 100 Helping Hands support Hettinger

Helping Hettinger Day: Take Two

Frank Turner

Hettingerites took to the streets on Helping Hettinger Day to make Hettinger a better place. Over 100 people volunteered their time to work on different projects across town.
Despite the rain, volunteers spruced up Main Street with new painted crosswalks, newly assembled benches, and flowerpots.
Director of the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce and the Adams County Development Corporation Jasmin Fosheim said that the entire day was a success.
“Even after rescheduling and with the weather putting a wrinkle in things, Helping Hettinger Day 2019 was certainly a success,” she said. “There was a group of just over 100 people who came together and managed finish all the projects we had slated, which was phenomenal.”
People of all ages spent their afternoons painting different patterns and mottos across each crosswalk on Main Street. Now visitors passing through town can see welcoming words like, “Love the Place You Live” and “Smile… Make Someone’s Day”.
Fosheim said that she was excited to see Hettinger youth getting involved.
“One of my favorite projects was everyone working together to paint the crosswalks. It’s exciting to not only get the kids involved, but also have a bright and vivid addition to Main Street for the rest of the year,” she said.
The local bowling alley also received it’s own improvements. Volunteers cleared debris that surrounded the building, and helped improve the front wall of the building with new paint and mortar.
The Hettinger Armory also saw new improvement. City Council member Suzie Ruther led projects at the Hettinger Armory to paint the space for the upcoming new wellness center.
4-H members also assisted in Helping Hettinger Day by installing new garbage cans and a new 9-hole Frisbee golf course in Mirror Lake Park. With the help of parents and adults, kids cemented a whole new activity into the ground.
Private businesses were also included in the volunteer day.
The local Girl Scouts troop had a great time getting their hands covered in paint to help create a new peacock mural on the back of the Peacock Mercantile’s building, while across town young volunteers rearranged the Lil’ Hawks Daycare’s playground. Even the Legion’s parking lot was mowed and weed wacked.
Even after a day of exhausting work, Fosheim said she is excited for future projects.
“Helping Hettinger Day is one of my favorite events in the year because it is just so unique to see a community come together and step up in so many ways. I am really looking forward to Helping Hettinger Day 2020.”