Reeder celebrates 10th Annual Reeder Days

With support from the Reeder Lions Club, the Reeder Fire Department, and Reeder Alumni, the Reeder community celebrated their 10th Annual Reeder Day.

Frank Turner

This year’s Reeder Day provided the perfect excuse for local alumni and community to come together to enjoy the different entertaining events scattered throughout the day.
Reeder Lions Club member Phyllis Enerson explained that over the years, the focus of the Reeder Days celebration turned toward returning Reeder alumni.
“Years ago, they had what they called Reeder Appreciation Day in October,” She said, “and all the businesses in Reeder would help provide a meal for the community. Because there aren’t as many businesses in Reeder, ten years ago someone decided to put appreciation day along with the 50 and 75 year alumni reunions and move it to the end of June.”
This year alumni from the graduating classes of 1969 and 1944 gathered in Reeder. According to Enerson, alumni traveled from all over the country to gather in Reeder.
“We had people that came from other places, you bet. I know someone that was here from California that were graduates from Reeder and they come here every year,” she laughed, “and I know someone that was from Tennessee that was there. They come from all different places and visit at this time of year.”
People visiting started off the Reeder Day with the Reeder Lions Fun Run and Walk. After the run, the Reeder Fire Department and the Reeder Lions Club served freewill meals.
Enerson described the event as a community driven event.
“We just ask for donations from whoever wants to donate to help pay for the meal,” she said. “A lot of people personally stepped up to donate.”
In the afternoon, kids could enjoy train rides and various yard games at the Reeder Community Center.
Overall, Enerson said that the event was a great success. She estimated that the Reeder Lions Club served over 175 people for the afternoon meal and she said that a lot of people stayed for the country band, The Buers.
“We had a great turnout,” she said.
Already, Reeder Day sponsors are gearing up for Reeder Days 2020. Next year, the Reeder Days celebration will be a three-day all school reunion event to encourage both alumni and visitors to return to Reeder for an entire weekend.
“Everybody is welcome,” said Enerson. Especially those who went to the school here in Reeder.”