$1,500 Raised for More TOP DOCS with BINGO

Indeed! You read that headline right — the 2nd Annual West River Health Services Foundation’s BINGO was held on the 4th of July at Suzie’s Woodfire Grill – and it raised $1,500 for West River’s New Physician Recruitment Endowment Fund to bring more TOP DOCS to our backyard.

Ted Uecker
WRHS Foundation

Over 100 people came to this year’s WRHS Foundation BINGO with plans of giving to a terrific cause and hopes of maybe winning a prize! Upon entry to Suzie’s, everyone purchased $25 BINGO cards for all eleven games of BINGO. This included ten games of various BINGO games (Regular, Four Corners, Either Or, X, T, H, L); plus the amazing BLACKOUT BINGO (this year for $600!). If they wanted a second card, it cost $15; a third card $10; and a fourth card $5.
Allen McIntyre, the longtime voice and owner of KNDC Radio, was the official BINGO caller on this day. No matter the difficulties with the PA system (we couldn’t seem to get the microphone cord to cooperate), Al did a super job – with a little assistance from Sheri Uecker. After suffering through the first five games with Al trying to announce the numbers with a mediocre sound system, and yours truly putting an exclamation point on them when needed, the Drs. Ranum came to the rescue, with a sound system to limp us through the last six games. Thank goodness! Those two can certainly figure out solutions for people’s problems – inside the hospital and out!
It was a tremendous day for our New Physician Recruitment Endowment Fund! We netted $1,500 for a fund that will make a difference in our future recruiting of TOP DOCS to our backyard. As most of you know, we raised over $131,000 last “Giving Hearts Day” on February 14th for this new fund. Therefore, we are getting closer to our $400,000 goal!
Unfortunately on this day, we did have three BINGO’s rejected – probably on account of our sensational sound system! They all sported the black capes! We plan to get this solved for next year. On the same note, we did have individual winners on 10 of the 11 BINGO games. Only during one game, did we had two winners! And we are pleased to announce that Daryl Martin, Diedre Mayer, Nicole Muggerud, Dee Strehlow, Nicki Clement, Susan Hallen, Carie Jahner, Kathy Stone, Josh Ranum, and Jackie Muggerud each won $50 plus a prize off the table for their $25 investment. Dee Strehlow and Nicki Clement were the only double winners, so they split the $50, with each selecting a prize off the table. Our HUGE $600 BLACKOUT BINGO winner was Mike Hack. How fitting that he would win BLACKOUT, considering what he has been through this past year — losing his Stephanie.
Thank you to Suzie, Gregg and Dawn at the WoodfireGrill for once again hosting our event at your terrific facility. Thanks to Al McIntyre and Sheri Uecker for calling and organizing the BINGO’s. And thanks to all of our BINGO participants – without you, we raise nothing for our top-notch healthcare, “close to home.”
We promise to have a real sound system in place next year. So tell your friends about the amazing BINGO 2020! With more people, we can raise the BLACKOUT BINGO and individual game winnings even more!And therefore, raise more funds for our sensational rural healthcare system. We can always improve our facilities, technology, scholarships and services. Onward!

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