City distributes tax funds

Frank Turner

Twice a year, in July and January, local organizations and entities can approach the city and ask for money by applying for the City of Hettinger’s available charity funds 

At the last city council meeting, the City considered different applications and deemed which requests deserved funding. 

  By the end of the meeting, the city had distributed over $30,000 to six different entities from both their infrastructure and charitable five-percent sales tax funds. 

The distribution from the city’s five percent sales tax fund is as follows:

  • Adams County Fair Association was granted $300 for Armory rental costs 
  • Second Forty Club was granted $1,000 for building maintenance   
  • West River Health Services Foundation was granted $500 for Partners in Health 
  • Richard Wyman was granted $1,000 for the Flag Plaza project 


The distribution from city’s infrastructure fund is as follows: 

  • Hettinger Park District was granted $13,000 to build the Flag Plaza walkway. 
  • Hettinger Fire Department was granted $15,000 for state regulated air packs.

Not all available funds were given away. The city’s available five-percent sale tax fund had $3,130 left over, and the available infrastructure fund had $7,000 left over 

According to city council member Curt Drolc, funds left over from the day carry over to the City’s next distribution day in January.  

“What we don’t put out now, will carry over,” said Drolc 

Drolc said that he would like to see the money go to different organizations eliciting positive change in Hettinger, especially for youth. 

I wish that the boy scouts, cub scouts, and 4-H would apply for [available funds],” he said. “That’s where I would like to see the money go.” 

During the meeting, city council members also discussed that they wanted to see more accountability for the sales tax funds.  

“When someone brings in an application to do a certain project, we expect them to use the money for that project,” explained Drolc. “Not to ask for something that looks favorable, but then use the money elsewhere.”  

The council also discussed that, when distributing tax funds, they wanted local organizations to use local contractors for completing projects.  

“When we give out sales tax money to our locals, especially within our own entity, we should be using our local people if at all possible,” he said. 

As of now, Drolc said that he isn’t expecting the council to create any specific legislation to uphold these expectations. Instead, Drolc said that organizations should be able to utilize funds in a way that benefits everybody. 

“It’s just going to be on the honor system,” said Drolc. “You have to trust people. Just make it accountable for the people of Hettinger and Adams County.”  

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