Grand River Roundup

Trig had surgery to remove a bone chip from his heel in Spearfish on Monday after a bull dogging injury, but all went well and now he’s got one of those walking boots on. Sterling Lee and Trig are both recovering from rodeo wrecks, so they went fishing at Mobridge with Sterling’s grandparents Willard and Barb Swanke and caught a lot of fish.

Betty Olson
Guest Columnist

I had a parts run to Hettinger on Tuesday and got the oil changed on my pickup at RZ Motors that afternoon. I stopped at the nursing home to visit with Bea Verhulst and Crystal Hanna a little while and Crystal told me her son Tim Hanna is moving to Florida.
I visited with Bill Vroman this week about the 4-7 outfit that Seab Ledbetter wrote about in his letters to Buck Olson back in 1955 and 1956. The 4-7 brand belonged to Bill and Horace Stevenson who ranched in the Slim Buttes in the late 1800s and early 1900s. That big log barn sitting south of Jim Thybo’s old ranch was built by them. Bill also told me that he and Verona are moving to Belle Estate, just up the road from Judy’s Assisted Living in Belle Fourche where they live now.
Taz was up at the rodeo in Deadwood Wednesday morning, so Amanda and the kids went down to see him before he headed on to rodeos in Livingston and Helena, Montana. He got home for a few days this Saturday.
There were two Great Western Cattle Trail meetings this week. The first was in Bowman on Thursday. Darrell Dorgan, Jim Ozbun and I met with the Rotary Club at the Pioneer Trails Museum. Ron Palczewski, John Hanson, and Steve Brooks are working to get the GWCT posts set up from the South Dakota line to Amidon along Highway 85. One of the obelisks will be placed in front of the Slope County courthouse at Amidon.
Reub was too busy in the hayfield to make it to his appointment with Mary Eggebo on Friday so I got to see her instead. She made me feel really good. Lanie and the kids came down from Dickinson that evening and Trig got home from his fishing trip.
I got a nice note from Dan Parker from Gettysburg this week. He said not much is going on in his part of the world, mostly emptying rain gauges, mowing lawns, talking about haying, and swatting flies and mosquitos. The B.C. comic strip he sent me was a guy asking how to keep the capital city clean? The answer: term limits. How very true!
Dustin and Dana Tenold got to be grandparents this week when Brandon and Heather Tenold had a baby girl. The new grandparents have gone down to Georgia to meet little Annalise Claire. Congratulations!
The second Great Western Cattle Trail meeting was Saturday at the High Plains Western Heritage Center in Spearfish following the celebration of the Day of the American Cowboy that started at 11:00 with Joe Spiller speaking about books he had written, including “What Wind Did You Ride In On” that he had printed to commemorate the National Day of the American Cowboy.
I was asked to speak about the bill that Sen. Billie Sutton and I brought in 2014 to make the fourth Saturday in July the Day of the American Cowboy. When I was in the House, Peggy Ables brought the idea to me when she was the director of the Heritage Center and I asked Billie to carry it for me in the Senate. It was the only bill that either Billie or I ever brought that passed without a single no vote. A couple lady senators had a little fun with Billie when they wanted it to read the Day of the American
Cowgirl, but they voted for it anyway.
After lunch at the Heritage Center, western magician Cody Landstrom entertained us with some awesome tricks and the program ended with Joe Spiller signing books for everyone with the proceeds being donated to the Heritage Center. The Cattle Trail meeting was held at 3:00 with a couple of guests from Texas. These ranch ladies were vacationing in South Dakota and had no idea that the celebration was happening when they stopped at the Heritage Center, but they are both members of the GWCTRA in Texas so we invited them to our meeting. I don’t remember what part of Texas they were from, but they knew all about Fort Griffin, Texas where the Ledbetter family lived before they came to South Dakota in the late 1800s.
There will be a bridal shower for Ashley Goldade, bride to be of Kent Wilkinson, at 10:30 Sunday, August 4th at Slim Buttes Lutheran Church following the worship service.
There was a lot going on this weekend. We didn’t make it to Reva for the Turtle Races for the first time ever, but we spent an enjoyable Sunday afternoon at Ranchers Camp to hear Dave Johnston and Tim Stuen and eat supper with lots of friends.

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