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Summer reading has been a blast this summer. We have over sixty children signed up for the program and on activity days Monday and Wednesday between fifteen and thirty five children participate.. The theme this year has been “A Universe of Stories.”

Staff Report

To that end we have been learning about our solar system, our galaxies and our moon. The week of July 15, we really focused on the Apollo 11 mission and moon landing. We had hydrogen fuel experiments, created the moon utilizing different and typically messy ingredients, watched the moon landing video and created out own “lunar modules.” And of course, we have a story time and have been logging reading by children. We will be continuing summer reading activities Monday and Thursday 2:30-4:30 until August 8. All children, adults, and whoever would like to join in the fun are welcome.
Seventh and Eighth grade students have also met for their book club and are looking forward to our new book Dairy Queen, written by Catherine Gilbert Murdock. Book club meets Tuesday at 3:00 and any student entering Seventh or Eighth grade is invited. The library also offers quiet reading on Tuesday and Wednesday for any child wanting to practice their reading skills.
The library staff has also begun scanning documents of local historical interest housed in boxes in the basement of the library. Thus far one volume of the “Monday Club” has been completed though we have another volume to complete and then are moving on to “The 20th Century Club” binder. If anyone has had relatives or has been in either of these clubs, please stop in and help us identify members!
Watch for updates on a new exciting Video Streaming service the Adams County Library will be offering in August. Stay cool and keep reading!

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