Badlands Ministries visits Hettinger

Badlands Ministries volunteers from the Medora area visited Hettinger’s Lutheran Church last week to both host a day camp for kids and volunteer in a community project.

Frank Turner

One volunteer with the group, Kaitlyn Nelson, said that she enjoyed the opportunity to help with Mothers Cupboard, a program that helps people find affordable winter clothes in town.
“We love helping people and taking on community projects wherever we go,” she said. “This time, we helped out with the Mother Cupboard. It’s a free-will donation program for people, so we spent a lot of the day sorting jackets, snow pants, coats, really anything winter related.”
Kids also had the opportunity to have fun with the visiting Badland Ministries volunteers. Nelson said that the kids had a great time playing tag, watching movies, and learning about Christian Faith.
“It’s always a great to see kids learning about faith and having fun,” she said.

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