Fun at the Fair

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Adams County grabbed the reigns for this weekend’s rodeo and fair.
The weekend started out with 4-H students showing every type of animal on the farm. Whether it was rabbits, dogs, or livestock, there was a judging contest.

Frank Turner

Following the morning 4-H shows, the RZ Motors Volleyball Tournament ignited a competitive night. Once the dust settled on the volleyball courts, the “Ball Busters” team from Bison emerged victorious on the court and took home the first place trophy,
At the end of the day, the live band Slamabama played live country music and dance for an Adams County shindig.
The next day, riders of all ages clung on tight to bulls, horses, and even sheep at the rodeo for an entertaining evening.
Below are the 2019 Open Static Exhibit results:
Hand Needlework:
Sr. Grand: Elgean Thorson
Sr. Reserve: Linda Braaten
Jr. Grand: Sophie Kennedy
Jr. Reserve: Brennen Friebel
Machine Needlework:
Sr. Grand: Val Braun
Sr. Reserve: Val Braun
Quilts and Bedspreads:
Sr. Grand: Val Braun
Sr. Reserve:Linda Braaton
Sr. Grand: ManetteObrigewich
Sr. Reserve: ManetteObrigewich
Jr. Grand: Saige Loll
Sr. Grand: Elisha Nash
Sr. Reserve: Eileen Engraf
Jr. Grand: Kaitlyn Bartholmy
Jr. Reserve: Kaden Schauer
Golden (65+) Grand: Linda Engraf
Golden (65+) Reserve: Linda Engraf
Sr. Grand: Orby Reyzon T Reyes, Kat Wienert, Erin Rustan
Sr. Reserve: Erin Rustan (3)
Jr. Grand: Gena Blade
Jr. Reserve: Gena Blade
Sr. Grand: Jennifer Seamands, Ed Verhulst
Sr. Reserve: Violet Olson (2)
Jr. Grand: Caleb Ormiston
Jr. Reserve: Austin Ormiston

Sr. Grand: Elizabeth Morical
Sr. Reserve: Craig Silkman (2)
Jr. Grand: Ashlyn Friebel, Sydney Wolff
Jr. Reserve: Kennedie Greff, Aubrey Greff
Sr. Grand: Jodi Lefebre, Elizabeth Morical
Sr. Reserve: Jodi Lefebre, Val Braun, Sandi Nelson, Elizabeth Morical, Jennifer Seamands
Flowers and Plants:
Sr. Grand: Elisha Nash, Bethany Greff
Sr. Reserve: Sandi Nelson, Sharon Silman
Jr. Grand: Aubrey Greff
Jr. Reserve: Kennedie Greff
Door Prize:
Sr. $50: Mindy Dalley
Sr. $25: Elisha Nash
Jr. $50: Kaitlyn Batholmy
Jr. $25: Tatum Fitch

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