Fun Run & Walk profits go to community

This past 4th of July, the West River Health Services Foundation hosted its 31st Annual “Fun, Run & Walk” event around scenic Mirror Lake. Thanks to registrations from 132 participants, sponsorships from 15 area businesses and numerous raffle ticket sales, this year’s event raised $4,100 net!

Ted Uecker
WRHS Foundation

After waiting for all the bills to come in the last three weeks, the WRHS Fun, Run & Walk Committee met to discuss where these amazing net funds would be distributed. It was decided that first off, we should support our Western Horizons Care Center residents and our Western Horizons Assisted Living Center tenants with $500 each for healthy activities. We know our residents will appreciate the unique and fun activities that Debbie Christman, Diane Henderson and their staffswill provide for them with these funds. The more active our residents, the healthier they seem to be.
In addition, the WRHS Foundation has decided to gift back the remaining 75% of theseFun, Run & Walk net funds to our area communities. This fall/winter, $600 each will be applied toward “Fitness Camps” at the Lemmon Armory; “Open Swims” at the Hettinger Swimming Pool; and “Yoga Class Room Rental” at the Hettinger Armory. Last year, the Fitness Camps were a hit in Lemmon, with local exercise guru Keith Jackson leading twelve youth and adult exercise classes; attendance at the Open Swims at the Hettinger Pool were outstanding; and the Yoga Classes were filled to overflowing, with West River’s own MannetteObrigewitch leading the way! Therefore, we decided to give these established positive programs another go.
Plus, we are collaborating with the new Frisbee Golf Course at the Hettinger Mirror Lake Park, as we are providing $250 for Frisbees for every youth in the Hettinger School. And, we are also providing $350 for Frisbee Golf Sets (who knew there’d be a driver, mid iron and putter for Frisbee Golf?) to help the local students learn about Frisbee Golf during their Physical Education classes.We have heard that Frisbee Golf is quite the rage on college campuses nationwide. Plus it gets youth away from their I-pads and outside being active.
In fact, if anyone might be interested, West River Health Services Foundation is sponsoring a “Family Frisbee Fun Night” (say that three times!) at Mirror Lake Park on Wednesday, August 7th at 6:30pm. Of course, we are hoping everyone will support the local Baseball Club and attend “Burgers & Brats” at the Granary at 5:30 this same night, then come over to the Park for FREE Frisbee Golf instruction, a FREE WRHS Frisbee, and other FREE kid’s games. I guess it’s all FREE! Originally this began as a night to celebrate the local “Walk Across America Challenge.” Of course, all of these participants and their families are welcome, as there will be walks around Mirror Lake, too. But so are the rest of you – invited to attend, that is. Come see us! Learn about Frisbee Golf and the new course that has been developed at Mirror Lake Park. Our Hettinger Park Board, local 4-H Groups and local businesses have donated the resources and time to create this fun activity. We all may as well learn how to use it!
The WRHS Foundation will also provide $500 for “Cooking Classes,” which were wildly attended by many local folk last winter and this spring. This was creative cooking at its finest. People seemed to really enjoy cooking classes last year, so we are offering them again through our Fun, Run& Walk Funds.
Lastly, we will be gifting $200 to the Granary, the home of the WRHS Foundation “Fun, Run & Walk.” We really appreciate having your terrific facility available for inclement weather, as well as your sharing of tables, chairs, restrooms, etc. Together, we are a strong TEAM.
As many of you might know, Patty Ness, our longtime Wellness Coordinator at WRHS, is moving out of her current position and into WRHS Visiting Nurse. In particular, we have been blessed to have Patty leading our Fun, Run & Walk Committee for the last six consecutive years! She always does an amazing job with this event, as well as numerous others at WRHS. We wish her well at Visiting Nurse, where she’ll still be taking care of our area community. And we welcome our two new Co-Chairs of the Fun, Run & Walk Committee, Tera Fried and Talia Dustman. They both look forward to leading our 32nd Annual “Fun Run & Walk” on Saturday, July 4th, 2020. Get registered early, as this will be one of the largest ever. Onward!

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