New horizon in Centennial Square

Centennial Square is a popular place to stop, rest, and enjoy Hettinger’s downtown. It has comfortable tables, beautiful flowers, and now a new, bright sunset view.

Frank Turner

Executive Director of the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce and the Adams County Development Corporation Jasmin Fosheim said that by the end of the fall season, a new buffalo and sunset mural will be painted onto the old Movies N’ More building.
According to Fosheim, the Chamber had been looking into a mural project for quite a while. Only recently, were they able to find the funding.
“We’ve been looking for funding to start a mural for over a year,” said Fosheim. “We finally received a grant through the Dickinson Sales Tax Grant for updates to Centennial Square, including the addition of a mural.”
The Dickinson Sales Tax Grant specifically benefits satellite communities within Dickinson’s reach, and according to the director, Hettinger falls within that reach.
Fosheim said that the new mural is a part of the larger effort on behalf of the Chamber to make Centennial Square a more aesthetic and accessible space, and additional updates will come with this Dickinson Sales Tax Grant.
“There are exciting things going on in Centennial Square,” said Fosheim. “A group of volunteers took out the railroad ties and installed a new retaining wall. These exciting changes help the functionality of the square.”
In addition to a more pleasing appearance, Fosheim hopes the mural will attract new people to visit and see Hettinger.
“When people talk about attracting tourism, there has to be a quirk in the community that draws people into town,” she said. “Especially because Hettinger is a highway community right along Highway 12, we need something that will compel people to pull over and visit small businesses.”
Once finished, the mural will feature rolling North Dakota plains, a bright sunset, and most importantly, a wild buffalo. Both in history and present-day, the buffalo has been a proud symbol of the southwest region of North Dakota.
“We are excited to celebrate our buffalo heritage,” said Fosheim. “The mural will tie into the Dakota Buttes Visitor Council’s buffalo theme.”
The artist currently working on the Chamber mural, Martin Kloster, is the same local artist who painted the Peacock Mercantile’s mural.
All the paint used for both murals was donated through a local paint drive. This allowed the artist to keep costs affordable and still accomplish a great painting.
“We were really inspired by the work the artist did on the Peacock’s mural,” said Fosheim. “He did a great job being resourceful with available materials and he clearly has a lot of talent.”
Fosheim hoped that the murals in town inspire other businesses to make similar investments into aesthetic projects and is looking forward to continued improvements to the space with this grant and future grants.
“We are really excited about the mural as a way to add a little more color to both Centennial Square and the downtown area,” she said.

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