Parents Right to Know

Dear Parents and or Guardians:

As always, we want to keep our parents informed on the quality education we deliver, and sharing staff qualifications is an excellent way to illustrate our commitment to our students. The staff at any school defines the education environment, and we are devoted to finding the best quality teachers and paraprofessionals to work with your children to ensure our school is a place where they can succeed. More information can be obtained from our school.

Below is a list that shows the current position, degree major of each teacher and any other graduate certification or degree held by the teacher as well as their field of discipline,

Arndorfer, Cindy – Kindergarten — B.S. Elementary Education, B.S. Early Childhood Education

Block, Anna – 7-12 Science — B.S. Chemistry Education — M.S. Education, Endorsements: Biology, Earth Science, Physical Science, Physics

Boxrud, Dawn – 3rd Grade — B.S. Elementary Education — Endorsements: PK-K Remedial Reading, PK-K Remedial Math

Burwick, Randy — K-6 Elem. Phy Ed, 7-12 PE/Health — B.S. Physical Education, B.S. Drivers Education — Endorsements: Drivers Education

Dunn, Jeri – English, Drama — B.S. English, B.S. Psychology

Erickson, David – 8th Health/ Phy Ed — B.S. Physical Education, B.S. Psychology, B.S. Drivers Education — Endorsements: Drivers Education

Erickson, Jolene — 5-7 Grade ELA, 6th Grade Homeroom — B.S. Elementary, B.S. Physical Education — Endorsements: Middle School English, Middle School Teaching

Gjermundson, Joni – K-12 Library — B.S. English, M.S. Library Science

Harper, Pam — 4th Grade — B.S. Elementary Education

Hicks, Mackenzie — Choir/Band/Elem. Music — B.S. Music

Jacobson, Kalli — Speech / ELL Case Manager — B.S. Communitive Sciences and Disorders, Psychology

Speech Language — M.S. Clinical Speech-Language Pathology, Paraprofessional Certificate

Jamison, Paul — Mathematics 7-12 — B.S. General/Composite Science, B.S. Mathematics — Endorsements: Middle School Math, Chemistry, Composite Science

Kennedy Stephanie – First Grade — B.S. Education, B.S. Early Childhood Education — M.S. Early Childhood Education, Endorsements: Elementary Education

Kocer, Hallie — 4th Grade — B.S. Elementary Education, B.S. Special Education – State Qualifying and Licensing pending completion of Student Teaching

Kohler, Jon – Social Studies — B.S. American Studies/American History — Endorsements: History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology

LeFebre, Jason – Social Studies — B.S. History — M.S. Education, Endorsements: Geography

Moser, Angela- Special Education, 7-12, B.S. Elementary Education, B.S Art Education — Endorsements: Learning Disabilities, Alternately Assessed Instruction

Moser, Ryan — Superintendent / Elementary Principal — B.S. Biology, B.S. Composite Science , M.A. Biology Education, M.S. Educational Leadership — Endorsements: Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics — Credentials: Superintendent, Elementary Principal, Secondary Principal

Olson, Krista — Counselor K-12 — B.S. Elementary Education — Endorsement: Kindergarten — Credentials: School Counselor, Elementary Math, Elementary Reading

Peterson, Teresa — K-6 Special Education & Title I — B.S. Special Education, B.S. Elementary Education — M.S. Curriculum and Instruction, Endorsements: OSEL Endorsement, Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten, Special Education: Early Childhood

Resner, Reba — Business Education — B.S. Physical Education, B.S. Business Education

Schauer, Ronda — FACS/Agriculture Education — B.S. Agriculture Education — Endorsements: Family & Consumer Science

Seamands, Allison — 2nd Grade — B.S. Elementary Education — Endorsements: PK-K Remedial Reading, PK-K Remedial Math

Seamands, Darin — Secondary Principal / Asst. Elementary Principal — B.S. Social Studies/History — M.S. Guidance, Endorsements: Social Studies/Social Science, Government, Geography, Phycology, Sociology — Credentials: Secondary Principal, School Counselor

Schneider, Brooke — 5th Grade — B.S. Early Childhood Education, B.S. Elementary Education, B.S. Special Education — Endorsements: Learning Disabilities, Alternately Assessed Instruction

Skogen, Sarah — PK Special Ed, Pre-school Director — B.S. Elementary Education, B.S. Early Childhood Education, B.S. Communication: Reading — Endorsements: Early Childhood Special Education

Stecher, Cindy — Title I — B.S. Elementary Education — Endorsements: Alternately Assessed Learning Disability, Kindergarten

Timm, Danian — Trade & Industry — Vo-Tech Certificate: T&I Automotive Technology

Tuhy, Kasey — 1st Grade — B.S. Elementary Education

Below is a list of the paraprofessionals who work at our school and their qualifications. If your child receives services in our Title I program, it is possible that these paraprofessionals may be assisting your child as he/she works with our Title I teacher. We also use paraprofessionals to assist classroom teachers and special educators. Please contact the school if you would like more information about the paraprofessional who is working with your child.

Kristy Campbell – Kindergarten — H.S. Diploma Paraprofessional Certificate, Substitute License

Ashley Finck – Special Education — H.S. Diploma, paraprofessional Certificate

Jennifer Fordahl – Special Education — B.S. Business, Substitute License, Teaching Praxis

Bethany Greff – Special Education — H.S. Graduate, Paraprofessional Certificate

Joel Janikowski – Special Education — A.S. Graphic Design and Communications, Paraprofessional Certificate

Kevin Schneider – Title I — A.S. Food Service Management, Paraprofessional Certificate

Jodi Larson – Special Education — B.S. Child Development & Child Services

Jonell Ward – Special Education — Associate in Applied Science, Paraprofessional Certificate

Anne Wolff – Pre-School — H. S. Diploma, Paraprofessional Certificate

Kalli Zimmermann – Elementary — A.A.S Surgical Technology, Substitute Teaching License

If you call or visit the school, we will be happy to give you more information about these criteria. Also, a description of the types of North Dakota teaching licenses and procedures can be found at the Education and Standards Board.


Ryan Moser
Hettinger Public Schools






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