Adulting 101 class prepares students for the future

Honestly, being an adult is hard. At some point in everyone’s life, attending school and turning in homework turns into holding a job and paying bills. For some, this transition between high school and the working world can be a challenge.

Frank Turner

Executive Director of the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce and the Adams County Development Corporation Jasmin Fosheim and Adams County Extension Agent Hannah Norby set out to make the transition into adulthood easier for local students by hosting a new adulting 101 class last week.
At the class, students had an opportunity to explore the adulting world and learn about subjects. Dacotah Bank Market Retail Leader John Hausauer also attended the event to speak about personal finance. Specifically he covered topics like credit scores, credit cards and insurance, which are usually glossed over in school.
“It feels like that there are so many skills related to ‘adulting’ that aren’t taught in school or, for some reason, just don’t sink in,” said Fosheim. “We just thought the class would be a good way to reach out to youth in town to impart some of the wisdom we wish we would have known when we were in their position.”
The four local students who attended the adulting class were very engaged in the discussions. Due to a host of questions from the students, the class, which should have lasted only an hour and a half event, went on for an extra hour.
Overall, Nordby said she was really impressed with the questions asked by the students.
“The students that were there were super engaged and asked fantastic questions,” said Norby. “I even learned some new things from John Hausauer’s personal finance portion of the class.”
Looking forward, both Nordby and Fosheim hope to replicate the class in the future and help students enter their futures.
“It was such a thrill working with the students and better understand where they lack the knowledge to be confident in ‘adulting,’” she said.
Nordby added, “We are looking forward to growing our relationships with these students and seeing them succeed in the future.”

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