Grand River Roundup

The weather has really cooled off and it feels like fall outside. So far it hasn’t froze, but we better be ready to cover the tomatoes because it probably won’t be long before it does. We’ve had several days of heavy fog, so if that 90 days thing holds true we should get a lot of moisture in November.

Betty Olson
Guest Columnist

Our granddaughter, Kanon Olson, and her family were in Ames, Iowa last Friday as Kanon received her white coat as she starts at Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine. Kanon has been working for Dr. Warren Whalen at the vet clinic in Spearfish and he also came to her White Coat ceremony. Dr. Whalen’s mother was a Maliscki and he went to high school in Bowman with Randy Feist. I believe he also graduated from veterinarian collage at Ames.
Jennifer and Brad Burkhalter are the parents of a baby girl born in Rapid City on Monday, August 26. Mary Elizabeth weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. and joins twelve other siblings. Her older sister Valerie posted on Facebook that they had gotten tired of the “Cheaper By The Dozen” jokes and added the 13th!
Clint and Kelli Doll also had a baby girl on Wednesday, August 28 in Spearfish. Hannah Jane weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. and is 19 inches long.
Congratulations to the Burkhalter and Doll families!
Reub and I went to Bowman on Tuesday to get an oil line for his swather. West Plains ordered another oil line for us and then we took the leaking one to Randy’s Welding to see if we could get it fixed. Reub showed it to them, they welded the leak immediately and never charged us anything. Thanks so much!
We got home early so Reub was able to get back to baling at Glendo that afternoon. Everyone around here is having trouble with foot rot in their cows. Casey helped Bill Holt rope and load one of his cows that had it so he could haul her to the sale barn. After Casey helped Bill, he went up to the Hackamore to get one of our bulls out of Doll’s pasture. It was trying to get back to our Horse Creek pasture west of the Hackamore. The guys brought the bulls home when they worked cows up there last Tuesday, but this one was trying to get back to that pasture.
Casey spent three days hauling bales down from our Russian field to the hay corral here at the place. He had to quit a little early Wednesday evening to go to Buffalo to help get things ready for the rodeos over Labor Day weekend.
No rain this week, so I spent a lot of time watering the gardens. We’re getting a lot of cucumbers and the tomatoes are coming on thick, but not ripening very fast. If you need some cucumbers or tomatoes, let me know.
Matt DeBow’s niece was killed in a car wreck on Wednesday.
Racer and television personality Jessi Combs died at 39 while trying to break her own land-speed record in a jet-powered car in Oregon’s Alvord Desert, attempting to break her own record of 398 miles per hour she set in 2013 that earned her the moniker of “fastest woman on four wheels.” Jessi was the daughter of Matt’s younger sister, Nina Darrington. Her family has our sympathy.
John Kanta called me this Thursday to discuss the coyote problems I had called GF&P Sec. Kelly Hepler about after we heard that folks around Faith were having trouble with the nasty predators. Kanta said they just got a new trapper down there a couple weeks ago, so hopefully things will get better soon. The new trapper’s name is Mike DeNeui and his phone number is 605-390-2364. Kanta also said that they will probably be sending the state predator plane to help out.
RonE and Jace Jenson, and Casey helped Bill Holt preg test his cows on Friday while Reub and I went to Hettinger for his appointment with Mary Eggebo. While Mary was working on Reub, I took the pickup to RZ Motors and had a really good visit with Dr. Tom Jacobsen.
Jake’s great aunt, Mary C. Collins, was a Congregational missionary from Iowa who lived and worked among the Sioux at Running Antelope’s, later called Little Eagle on the Grand River starting in 1884. She became known as “Winona”, which means princess, and when the Sioux came to the mission she would give them ledger paper, pencils, and paint to express their culture. She kept many of the ledger drawings that were later passed down to her sister and Dr. Jacobsen’s grandmother, Ethel Jacobsen, who taught school at Little Eagle, and then on to him. When I Googled Mary C. Collins I found a fascinating article from 2016 in the Bismarck Tribune that was written about Dr. Jacobsen and ledger art.
Sage and his family came down Saturday morning to get the welder to build metal handrails for their new house. Reub and I ran to Hettinger to get more parts for his swather after we visited with them. Casey and Missy went to Buffalo that afternoon to help with the Hackamore Ranch bull dogging and we went to town that evening to listen to Clover Potter and her daughters sing at the Gospel Tabernacle church. We went in to Buffalo to hear David Douglas preach at Cowboy Church Sunday morning and then made it back to Reva in time for the service at Slim Buttes Lutheran.
These are the six best doctors in the world:
1. Sunlight
2. Rest
3. Exercise
4. Diet
5. Self Confidence
6. Friends
And, finally:
The nicest place to be is in someone’s thoughts, the safest place to be is in someone’s prayers, and the very best place to be is in the hands of God.

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