Outdoor shooting programs coming to Hettinger

If there is one thing Adams County is known for, it’s hunting. During the fall season, locals and visitors take advantage of an abundance of deer and pheasants, but in the off-season, hunters upkeep their shooting skills at the firing range.

Frank Turner

With a local firing range available for use, leaders in Hettinger are working toward creating new trap shooting and archery teams specifically for younger students looking for new activities.
So far, the new trapshooting team and archery team are in their beginning stages of coming to fruition. Even still, the idea for new shooting sports teams has been received with great interest by the local area. According to Adams County NDSU Extension Agent Hannah Nordby, 25 people, both adults and kids, from the Adams County area have expressed interest in either joining or volunteering for the teams.
“For the past few years, outdoor shooting sports programs are something that have been gaining traction state wide in North Dakota,” said Nordby. “I knew that this was an area that had community support and interest, so it seemed logical to put the teams together.”
Nordby said that both archery and trap shooting would benefit youth because they are activities that everybody can participate in. Age is the only limitation for students interested in joining the club. For the archery team, students must be at least 8 years old. To participate in the trap shooting team, students must complete a hunter’s safety course.
Currently, Nordby is still looking for grant money and equipment for the new outdoor shooting program. If everything goes according to plan, Nordby said that she hopes to have the archery program up and going by November and the trap shooting team going by next spring.
“This is a really great opportunity for students to try something new.” Said Nordby. “We are still looking for anyone who would be interested in helping, providing resources, or joining the teams.”

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