Business Spotlight: Stateline Designs

If a local resident is looking for something truly unique, it’s unlikely they will find it at Wal-Mart, Target, or on Amazon. For something more personal, locals would have to look to the South Dakota, North Dakota border and visit Celena Baumgarten’s business, Stateline Designs.

Frank Turner

Stateline Designs is a design shop near Lemmon, South Dakota, which specializes in making anything unique or custom-made. Whether it’s apparel design, embroidery, custom printing, or logo design, Baumgarten said that her business has likely created it before.
“Personalization is what we do,” said Baumgarten. “We do any customization, and it can be just one item. It doesn’t have to be a huge order.”
Even though the business is based near Lemmon, Stateline Designs has a large presence in Hettinger, North Dakota and the surrounding area. Baumgarten said it’s likely that people have seen her business’s work without even realizing it.
“We have done a ton of Nighthawks stuff,” said Baumgarten. “We have also worked with RZ Motors, the Peacock, AgPro, the vet clinic, the hospital, and the Hettinger Chamber.”
Although State Line Designs now has three employees and works with many businesses and clients in the surrounding area, success was not guaranteed when Baumgarten started the business 15 years ago.
In 2004, Baumgarten took a leap of faith and started Stateline Designs with little experience in designing or printing. After seeing an elderly couple run a traveling print shop at different events, Baumgarten decided to try and create something similar in Lemmon.
“There was a need for that type of service in the area,” she said. “People were missing the ability to buy sportswear and getting their business items printed or embroidered.”
Stateline Designs started in Baumgarten’s house with printing as the main focus. After only a few months of business, Stateline Design outgrew her space. Eventually, Baumgarten found a new location for her business by renovating an old dairy barn on her property that still holds the business today.
“We started in a barn basically,” she said.
In the barn, the business continued to grow. After two year of only printing, Baumgarten bought her own machines and worked her way into embroidery, logo design, and then promotional items.
Since the beginning, Stateline Designs has always had a focus on charity work, said Baumgarten. One of Baumgarten’s earliest jobs was assisting in a charity for firemen that have been injured while on the job.
“Charity is a main focus for us,” she said. “We work with a lot of charities and mission trips. We have a specific inspirational shirt that we send with volunteers as they begin their trip overseas.”
Looking forward, Baumgarten said that she hopes to expand and become more accessible to people within the broader surrounding area.
“I would like to get out on the road and visit with my customers more. That is my goal,” she said. “I’m just a people person.”

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