From the Director

Pitchfork Fondue Surpasses Expectations… Again

Jasmin Fosheim
Executive Director

The oil is cooled, the pitchforks are stored, and another record-breaking event is in the books. As someone who comes from a much larger community, I’m enjoying learning the quirks of small-town life. One component of life in Hettinger that I’m surprised to learn life in larger communities lacked but that I’m thrilled to participate in is the culture around community meals. Something about serving my neighbors, sharing a table with those I wouldn’t otherwise, and creating an atmosphere of community around whatever is being served tugs at my heart. I’ve come to love these occasions, both attending and hosting, and Pitchfork Fondue this year was no different.
A huge thanks to those of you who supported the event this year, from donating vegetables and manning pitchforks to enjoying a steak or doing dishes. It takes the entire community to make an event a success, and the community has rallied behind Pitchfork Fondue year after year, allowing the event to grow and grow.
Perhaps most instrumental in the growth of this beloved community event is Mike Marion. Constantly knocking on doors, making calls, lining up garden-fresh vegetables, and pouring time into the event, Mike has blown expectations out of the water time and time again. The Chamber of Commerce and the staff at the Community Promotions Office are incredibly grateful for all the work Mike puts into this event and this community.
And to anyone who donated a cucumber, purchased a ticket, or volunteered even just a few minutes of their time: thank you. Events like Pitchfork Fondue are just another reason to love the place you live!

Adulting 101

Last week, Adams County Extension Agent Hannah Nordby and I teamed up with Dacotah Bank representative, John Hausauer, to teach Adulting 101, a crash course on all the things we wish we had known as we moved from high school into that mystifying thing called adulthood. Four local students joined us for the evening as we explored things like:
-What is credit and how do I improve mine?
-Are credit cards good or bad?
-Should I take out student loans?
-Should I put sports on my resume?
-Who make good references?
What we hoped would be a beneficial 1.5 hours of presentations turned into a 2.5-hour discussion about the things that worry, confuse, stress, and excite some of the brightest youth in our community. Not only did I learn a thing or two about credit, but I also learned about the importance of having conversations with the young people who are not the leaders of the future, but the developing leaders of today. I look forward to continuing to work with these bright minds, allowing them to lead the discussions so we can best equip them with the skills and knowledge and empower them to lead, engage, and succeed.
If you know of a young adult who could benefit from attending future Adulting 101 crash courses or who would like to meet with one of the instructors one on one, please contact us at 701-567-2531. If you’re a youth who would like to request a specific topic or event day/time, let us know!

Upcoming Events:

Bowling Alley Painting Party: Sunday, September 15th at 1:00pm
Bring water, paint rollers, and work clothes. All are welcome!
Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting: Tuesday, September 17th at 12:00pm
Fusion Conference: Tuesday October 1st and Wednesday October 2nd in Bowman
Contact the Community Promotions Office to learn more about attending the event for free!
Adams County Development Corporation Board Meeting: Wednesday October 2nd at 7pm
Lunch & Learn – Grant Writing: The Basics Presented by Melana Howe
Thursday, October 3rd at 12:00 – Register by noon October 2nd by calling 701-567-2531

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