Hettinger Rod & Gun Club

Trap League Results
(League scoring is every other week and is the top four scores of the team members including handicaps. Top gun is scratch is recorded every week.)
Scores for Week 15

Team- WANAB’s
Leo Miller- 21
John Jeffries- 21
Mike Przybilla- 21
Josh Wenner- 21
Total: 84
Cumulative: 722
Place: 1st

Team- Lodgepole Store & Propane
Bob Parker- 23
Jamie Henderson- 23
Ian Blade- 21
Collin Blade- 21
Total: 88
Cumulative: 705
Place: 3rd

Team- West River Health Services
Jim Long- 23
Matt Shahan- 24
Joe Mossbrucker- 22
John Mossbrucker- 24
Total: 93
Cumulative: 718
Place: 2nd

Top gun(s) for week 15:
Bill Ecker (25)
John Mossbrucker (25)

Finals for 2019
1st: WANAB’s
2nd: West River Health Services
3rd: Lodgepole
Store and Propane

Most Improved:
Joe Mossbrucker

Top Gun: Tied-
Shoot off at a later date.
Leo Miller
John Mossbrucker

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