Fire Department hosts annual Fly-in Breakfast

Last weekend, planes, aircraft, and classic cars from the surrounding region stopped into the Hettinger Airport for Hettinger’s 3rd annual Fly-in Breakfast. The event gave the Adams County community an opportunity to both eat a meal cooked by the local fire department and to see a host of new planes and classic cars.

Frank Turner

All proceeds from the fireman’s breakfast went to supporting the local fire department. The breakfast was open to any pilots and community members willing to stop by the airport.
Although in previous years foggy weather has plagued the event, Volunteer Firefighter and Event Coordinator James Lindquist said that this year’s weather turned out great.
“For two years we were fogged in so pilots couldn’t participate,” said Lindquist. “Luckily, this year’s forecast was manageable.”
Overall, Lindquist estimated over 200 people attended the event. He said that the event usually has good attendance because the community is always excited to see what planes the breakfast attracts.
“The breakfast is mainly a chance for aviation enthusiasts to stop by the airport, check out the facilities, and see what planes are being flown locally,” he said.
At the event, some pilots flew their planes at low levels for spectators. Once landed, kids and adults alike were able to explore many of the planes and view the cockpits up close.
“A lot of people don’t imagine driving out to the airport and hanging out on the ramp because it’s not that common,” said Linquist. “This event lets people see the planes up close and try something new.”
Lindquist said that a range of aircrafts from all over the region attended the event. Pilot Warren Peach from Minot brought a restored AT-6 World War II plane to the event. Sanford Air Medical also participated in the event by bringing their Medical King Air 200 and medical helicopter.
In total, 20 airplanes visited and 10 classic cars were on display at the breakfast.
“It’s really fun to see that helicopter or old war plane come in,” said Lindquist. “I think everybody really enjoyed the event.”

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