Adams County Development Corporation awarded $150,000 grant

Frank Turner

People looking to go bowling in Adams County may be in luck. The Adams County Development Corporation (ACDC) was recently awarded a USDA Rural Business Development Grant for $150,000. According to the Executive Director of the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce and Adams County Development Corporation Jasmin Fosheim, the grant funds will go to improving the equipment in the Hettinger Bowling Alley. Funding from the grant becomes available in October. With those funds, ACDC hopes to have the bowling alley up and running sometime in 2020, said Fosheim 

“We still have a lot of steps before we will have a bowling alley in the community, but we are cautiously optimistic,” said Fosheim 

The grant marks the next major step toward an operational bowling alley near downtown Hettinger. The news of grant funding comes nearly six months after the completion of ACDC’s feasibility study for the bowling alley, which found the building to be in relatively good condition with a lot of potential for being a profitable business. Fosheim noted that the $150,000 grant will cover the cost of new restaurant and bowling equipment.  

“The feasibility found that the community strongly supports the bowling alley remaining a bowling alley, so that’s what we are moving forward with,” said Fosheim 

Although the bowling alley is currently privately owned, ACDC is working with the private owner to facilitate the building’s donation. Once the donation is complete, ACDC plans to explore further options for the alley.  

“ACDC is exploring several options as far as a management and leasing structure,” said Fosheim. “It’s not the intent of ACDC to own, manage, and staff a business in town. It’s our goal to make a business and opportunity available to the community, so we are exploring the best way to do that at this point.”  

Overall, Fosheim said she is excited to fulfill the potential of the bowling alley with the grant funding.  

“ACDC still has a ways to go before a bowling alley is reintroduced into the community,” said Fosheim. “We appreciate any prayers and good vibes the community can send our way as we move forward with the lengthy process.”  

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