FACS bean harvest

On Wednesday August 21st, our Facs 1 class went out to the Research Extension Center and harvested some of their beans.

Landon Stang & Caden Parnow
FACS Students

We came back and washed and cut them to get ready for canning. Then on Thursday August 22nd, we put them in a brine and loaded them into quart jars to the correct height. Then we continued on with the canning process, by putting them into a hot water bath for 10 minutes. On the following Monday, we cracked open a jar to test the final product. The beans tasted pretty darn good. Thank you Hettinger Research Extension Center for donating the beans.
Since then in class, we have been learned the history of canning. So far we have made salsa, refrigerator pickles, and strawberry rhubarb jelly. We took a break and made strawberry rhubarb upside down cake and jalapeno poppers fresh from Mrs. Schauer’s garden, which made us harvest. The jalapeno poppers tasted great. We have now moved on to the embroidery module that includes a 15 thread embroidery machine.

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