Night Hawks Elementary football team tackles their way to victory

Congratulations to the elementary football team on winning the 2019 championship at Bowman on September 28. They finished the regular season with a 4-1 record with wins over Killdeer, Heart River, New England and Baker.

Sheldon Christenson
For the Record

Their lone loss was to Bowman, 34-24. But they rebounded in the championship playoff game to avenge that loss with a 14-6 victory over Bowman.
Comments from coach Kortney Kindsfater; “Our Young Night Hawks played their absolute hearts out. Temperature was in the low 40s, it rained with 20-30mph winds during the whole game mixing with sleet at times, and this young team NEVER gave up one ounce. Needless to say, the conditions were completely miserable and our boys took home the Championship not only because they out-played Bowman, but also greatly in part because they out toughened them. Right down to the last defensive down, they fought with everything they had to hold Bowman and take this Championship with a 14-6 victory. I am still in awe thinking about how strong and determined our boys were. They were miserably COLD, playing in the downpour and picking themselves up time and again off the extremely wet ground, but they just kept going all the while wanting to carry the ball and wanting to make the tackle. These kids were not complaining, they were not whining, they had one goal in mind and were prepared to dig deep enough to come up with whatever amount of grit they needed to in order to take home the victory.”
“As a coaching staff, we were absolutely in tears of joy for these kids. We are still flabbergasted by what we witnessed Saturday. We could not be more proud of this group of young men. And we are all grateful for having this opportunity to coach them. Watching the reactions of these young men after they stopped Bowman on that final 4th down was something we will never forget. Witnessing the reaction of the fans that sat in the stands through all this miserable weather was beautiful. In the end it was a day that none of us would change anything about… and all!”
“We do want to extend a HUGE thank you to Bowman for being gracious hosts for this event. They played a very clean game and the sportsmanship was second to none. We also would like to Thank the refs, chain gang, announcer, etc for sticking thru the weather and officiating virtually perfectly regardless of the conditions.”
Finishing this article would not be complete without a hats-off to the coaching staff consisting of Kortney Kindsfater, Brad Guthrie, Chris Parnow, and Eric Jorgens. Also, a shout out to the teams’ supportive fans.

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