Pumpkin for a cause

How does a local business support a good cause and celebrate the fall season? Farmer’s Union Insurance found an answer: one gigantic pumpkin.

Frank Turner

For the next couple of weeks, a truly massive pumpkin will reside in a wheelbarrow outside of the Farmer’s Union Insurance building.
So what’s the deal with this gourd-geous pumpkin? The local insurance business is hosting a contest/fundraiser until Oct. 28, to find out who can best guess the weight of the hefty pumpkin. The person who both donates and guesses the closest weight of the pumpkin will win the pumpkin and $100.
The real prize of the contest, however, is that Farmer’s Union Insurance will match up to $500 of the proceeds from the contest and then donate the total to the Hettinger Backpack Program. Farmer’s Union Insurance Customer Service Representative Kim Erickson said that Farmer’s Union Insurance wanted a fun excuse to do something nice for community members who really needed the help.
“We just wanted to do something good with the pumpkin,” she said.
Organized by the local pantry, the Hettinger Backpack Program helps provide meals and food for youth and elderly who would otherwise go without a meal.
Erickson said that she was inspired to create the pumpkin fundraiser and help the charity after growing the pumpkin in her own garden.
“We bought what is called a giant pumpkin plant,” said Erickson. “We planted it and we ended up getting 7 very large pumpkins.”
Although it is the spooky season, Erickson said that neither sorcery nor witchcraft were involved in making the massive pumpkin. In fact, Erickson said she didn’t even have to use fertilizer and described the pumpkin as “completely organic.”
While Erickson couldn’t say the exact weight of the pumpkin, (as that would be cheating) she did say people are welcome to visit the end of Main Street and take a look for themselves.
“Anyone is welcome to stop down, take a look, and give their best guess,” she said.

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