Hettinger Public School donates AED to armory

Hettinger Public School recently donated a used Zoll AED device to the Hettinger Armory at last week’s city council meeting. Last spring, the school applied for new AED devices and ended up with more than they expected.

Frank Turner

“We applied for four AEDs with the hope to get two devices and we were fortunate enough to get funding for four,” said superintendent Ryan Moser.
The school applied for the grants after discussing Hettinger’s status as a cardiac ready community with Adams County Emergency Manager Michele Gaylord. The talk was enough for the school to explore new grant opportunities for devices.
“We have a lot of those safety-minded conversations throughout the year,” said Principal Darin Seamands. “We are working with fire department, EMS, and the sheriff’s department on a regular basis.”
After securing the grant funding, the school went from having two AEDs to six. The grant funding allowed the school to have more AEDs placed throughout the school and gave the school a chance to replace their existing older models. After replacing their AEDs, the school ended up with one extra.
“When we got four devices from the grant, we in essence doubled our original AED coverage,” said Seamands. “We were sitting here with an over abundance, so why not share them in a way that the community can benefit from it.”
Because the school regularly hosts events at the Hettinger Armory, they decided to donate one of the devices to the community center.
According to Seamands, a brand new Zoll AED costs roughly $1,600. Seamands said that by donating the device, the school hopes to help save the City resources that could be used for something else.
“The Armory is a place that we like to partner with, so donating the AED there seemed like the natural choice,” said Ryan Moser.
Although the donated AED is an older device, principal Darin Seamands assured the city council that the device is still fully operational and reliable. Seamands explained that each AED has a self-checking mechanism.
“The warranty is up on it, but they are still in fine working condition as long as they are being updated and checked regularly,” said Seamands. “What’s nice about the Zoll AED, is that the device does a weekly check on itself, so as long as it has the green checkmark, it’s good to go.”

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